.5ohm Coil or 1.0ohm coil

Hi All

I have an Aspire Atlantis (Version1) and love it. Now at the moment i use 0.5 ohm coil, i find i use a lot of juice. Now if i drop to a 1.0ohm coil will i use less juice? Will i lose a lot of the flavour i am getting? At the moment i am hooked on a Lemon & Lime (6mg) mix which is lovely. I was wondering if i drop to 1.0ohm would i lose the flavour or not?

Only been vaping for 6 weeks, so need all the advice you guys can throw at me please.

Many thanks

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  • I know all these questions I am asking and I am sorry. But why does it not say on the packaging of the coils what is the maximum wattage/voltage. I understand it has it on the side of the coils, but I can't read that as the writing is just to small.

    So another question is
    1. What is max wattage of a 0.5ohm
    2. What is max wattage of a 1.0ohm
    3. What is max wattage of a 1.8ohm

    @old_salt Many thanks about the 1.8ohm I have ordered them


  • Kanthal Coil Power Ratings for Atlantis/Triton:
    0.3Ω 70-80W
    0.5Ω 20-30W
    1.0Ω 40-50W
    1.8Ω 10-13W
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    The 1.0Ω coil is rated for double the power of the 0.5Ω coils, so you'll go through your juice much faster. Try the 1.8Ω Triton coils if you want to use less juice.

    Aspire needs to put out a variety pack of coils. 1.8Ω 0.5Ω 1.0Ω and 0.3Ω Kanthal at a minimum, add the stainless steel, and TC if you wish.
  • @Madboy Our Atlantis tank is designed for cloud vapor,so it will take much e-juice than normal tank like nautilus or nautilus mini tank.
    How much e-juice does a tank take decided by how much vapor do user want to chase.
    0.5 and 1.0 ohm coil are all low resistance coils for cloud vapor.
    If users want to use less e-juice,they need sacrifice the vapor amount.Vape the tank at low watt
  • Old_Salt you give another suggestion. =D>
  • Hey @Madboy... what type of Mod/Battery are you using right now? :-?
  • Yes we need to know what battery you are using?
  • Sorry guys I have an eleaf istick TC40w and an istick 50w.

    Thanks for all the replies so far

  • I have found the juice I like and really love it, it's the lemon/lime one http://www.vapeinc.com/collections/fruit-flavour-e-liquid

    The thing is sometimes I feel the taste become bland. I find that the sweet spot on the 0.5ohm coil for this juice is 27 watts on the isticks and a vape each time between 2-3 seconds.

    I am not a cloud chaser and really not fussed about cloud. I just like taste.

    @Tina I have the nautilus, the problem with that is the mouth piece (I think that's the drip tip) is too small and I can't get a big enough drag from it without a horrible taste, I assume I am either burning the liquid or not being able to get a sufficiently big enough pull whilst it's firing the liquid.

    All help is much appreciated here guys. As I have said I have given up smoking and never want to touch the cigarettes again.


  • It really depends on how high you go with the voltage. Typically with lower Ohm coils, you will use more juice. With that said, the 1 Ohm coil can use more juice since it takes more power. In general, the hotter the vape, the more juice is used.
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