How do you clean your Triton

Hi all

I have put the Pegasus down as a "loss" and not going to use it again. However, i am sure the Triton has potential. But i want to know how to clean it? I had a really horrible liquid and i cant get rid of the taste no matter what i do. I have cleaned it out completely. I have used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and still i get the horrible acrid taste of the old liquid no matter what i do. Obviously i have changed the coil and binned it and put a new one. The problem is you cant completely take it apart.

Heeeelp. Lol

Thanks in advance.

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  • in fill mode:
    - 3/4 fill tank with isopropanol,
    - cover top and bottom with fingers, shake vigorously

    in vape mode
    - 3/4 fill tank with isopropanol, through chimney holes,
    - cover top and bottom with fingers, shake vigorously

    repeat the above two steps

    Place in ultrasonic bath with hot water and denture cleaner for 5 - 10 minutes, or boil for 5 -10 minutes.

    Grab tank with tongs, and drain

    Set aside to dry, or use drier described elsewhere.
  • Just don't ever use a juice that you haven't tried before in such a nice tank! You never know what you are getting. Best to try it at a vape shop first! If you buy it online, sample it in a dripping atomizer before you fill the tank and possibly ruin a coil, etc.
  • Cheap tanks and cheap coils for them abound on the 'net. They would do the job for you. If you plan on re-using them, make sure they are glass / stainless steel, not plastic.

    An RDA is simply an atomizer without a tank. Think soaking an Atlantis coil, and vaping without filling the tank :) I use the Magma with a adjustable air flow drip tip. It's rebuildable, so I can replace the wicking material and coil as desired. Cleaning is simple. Remove the wick, and 5-10 min in the ultrasonic cleaner. Dry fire a couple of times to burn off any residue from the liquid, re-wick, and you're good to go.

    A battery powered dental ultrasonic cleaner is big enough for two Tritons, and will do the job. They're available on E-bay for under $5.00USD
    500 x 500 - 26K
  • If you have a B&M store near you (Brick and Mortar, a retail Vape shop for you newbies) I suggest that you visit and see what they have in the way of juice. Good luck @Madboy!
  • Hi all,

    I thought I would share how I clean my tank as I agree it's a bit awkward.

    I strip it down as much as I can and soak it all the bits in hot soppy water. Filling the tank and shaking it several times. I then poor boiling water out of the kettle over everything. (The tank does get warm so leave to cool slightly). I then shake every component for about 30 secs each to remove the larger water droplets. I then get the hair dryer and just blast all of the components for about 3 minuets, moving all bits around continuously.

    The whole thing takes about 10 mins and you have a perfectly clean and dry tank.

    Hope this helps!
  • @charlzrocks Yup i have learnt the really hard way. I now need to clean the triton up. Problem is i have tried White vinegar and bicarb of soda, obviously without the coil. I will have to try @Old_Salt way and see what happens. Thanks guys.

    You live and learn eh. Luckily i have a few tanks.

    Just ordered some isopropanol and ill come back. I dont have a dripping atomizer and to be honest dont even know where to start with doing all that. I have given up smoking for 6 weeks now and really love vaping.

    Thanks for your help folks

  • @Old_Salt Many thanks. I have ordered the ultrasonic cleaner as well. To be honest i don't have the time or the inclination to do the building and i am the impatient type lol.

    Thanks for all your help.

  • Thanks for all your great suggestions guys. Yes i do have a nice little vape shop around the corner and they have invited me in to show me how to build. But as i said, i dont have the time. However, as @Old_Salt has said there are plenty of cheap tanks and coils around that i can test on. I'll order some real cheapie ones on ebay and see what happens.

    Thanks again for all your help

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    @Madboy If you use a strong flavoured liquid then you may be best swapping the coil out for a new one after you finish with that flavour - I know you said you did this with the bad flavour, but sometimes this is best even with flavours you like rather than put up with a "tainted" coil holding on to a previous flavour (anything menthol is particularly vulnerable to this!)

    For testing juices I'd definitely recommend heading in to your local shop and seeing what they offer to let you try out. There are plenty more options for juices (but everyone has their own taste so even recommendations on here should be taken lightly - especially at first when you're still finding what you like...)

    I would recommend a dripper of some description for testing juices - I asked the same question on this forum not so long ago and I posted a couple of my experiences back there too - the discussion is at if you're interested :)
    And as an addition to my Triton tanks I'm still loving the Mutation X... I thought I wouldn't want to wrap my own coils, but its less trouble than you think and the flavour is so good - way less convenient than a good tank though and dripping isn't good for work/driving/walking down the street/insert other activity here...

    I clean my Tritons now using an ultrasonic cleaner and plenty of rinsing with water - I haven't found I need to use isopropanol or similar, but use whatever works for you :)

    If you're vaping mouth to lung then the Nautilus is a great tank and the coils are cheap enough to risk a flavour you haven't tried before - it might be cheaper to use a nice tank and just replace coils when necessary rather than top up on cheap equipment that may not be as nice to vape on.
    I try to limit the number of different tanks I use so I don't end up with too many different coils to buy for spares.
    If you like lung hits then the Atlantis and Triton coils are interchangeable and both are great tanks - just an alternative option to the suggestion of cheaper equipment by @Old_Salt - it all depends on your own preferences and budget so I'm just sharing what I chose to do :)

    Let me know if you'd like to hear any suggestions for juices - many of us here can share some of our own personal preferences, but if you're still finding what you like it may be better for you to develop some of your own tastes first so you can take recommendations from those of us who like similar flavours.
  • This is a big thank you to all of you i used the isopropanol and it worked a treat. @Viruk thank you for the great advice. I have a Triton, an Atlantis, an Atlantis 2 and a Nautilus. I just bought and have in my hands as we speak a eViv-Vtc Mini. Its a great little device with TC etc. However, after cleaning my Triton and putting in a 1.8ohm the juice is lovely at 10Watts. Wow i cant believe it, i then put in a 0.4ohm in and oh thats just sweet as hell.

    @Old_Salt The cleaning worked a treat, thank you.

    @charlzrocks - Thanks for the great tip. I have ordered 10 cheap cartomizers that i can test on.

    If i have missed anyone, thank you.


  • @mbfc1 Water works well for many flavors, but some are persistent and difficult to remove. The base used for many of the flavor concentrates is ethanol which is why I recommend Isopropanol, another alcohol. Pure ethanol (185 proof or better AKA everclear) is difficult for me to acquire.

    I'm lazy, so the ultrasonic cleaner does the shaking for me, and the aquarium pump with the custom needle blow dries the tank from the inside out.
  • You can always use cheap vodka instead of Everclear. and use a can of compressed air to blow the tank free of moisture.
  • Clean with alcohol, rinse with water, and place in a sealed bag of rice overnight to absorb any remaining moisture.
  • I have never cleaned a Triton. The closest I have ever got to cleaning anything mythological was when I cleaned my Nautilus, I guess :-)

    Tank cleaning: I always use just water to rinse a tank and I am never bothered by a little moisture left inside - what harm can it do to stainless steel and pyrex? The tank would anyway heat up when in use and all moisture will evaporate sooner or later. Ejuice often contains some water as well so there is imho no point in drying the tank completely. Just my opinion.

    Coil cleaning: Aside from plum brandy (slivovitz) I tried also pure (98%) alcohol I got in an apotheke to rinse my coils regularly when I changed flavours in my tank....but note that this does not help when the coil is too old and the kanthal wire has ejuice crust baked solid on it. It would not dissolve - you would need hammer to detach the stuff ....but somehow this has always resulted in certain damage to the coil itself every time I have tried this politically incorrect approach ;-)

    Regular coil cleaning: after a day in alcohol bath I rinsed the coil in tapwater thoroughly, left it dry a bit (a day on a shelf) and it was good to go again. Any moisture in the cotton would go away in a few puffs.

    Sigh: The worst were those generic plastic tanks...some flavours (kretek, liquorice) just ended up embedded in them forever no matter what I tried to get rid of the taste :-)))
  • Honestly, I have switched flavors several times in Triton v1 without too much trouble. Even extreme flavors like menthol don't leave much of a residue for me. I just rinse several times in hot water and shake it out. Like @ElGribo I don't wait for the last droplets of water to evaporate, and it hasn't caused any problems for me. I just fill it up immediately after shaking it out and the water isn't enough to dilute my juice. I still can't wait to try the Triton v2 though. :)

    I gotta agree about the old plastic tanks. Every plastic evod I bought ended up cracking and leaking in my pocket, until I discovered the Nautilus. They didn't really last long enough for me to switch flavors in them. LOL
  • How I clean my Triton:

    1. Rinse with water by alternating between fill and vape mode. Fill mode: flush from the top. Vape mode: fill from bottom. Shaking vigorously when filled.
    2. If I have a persistent flavor that I can't get out: Soak overnight with a backing soda and water solution. Then rinse via step #1
    3. Drying: I use my toaster oven. I put it on the lowest temp setting it has (~150F or 65C) and bake for 5 minutes, then let it cool down on it's own. You need to let it cool down on it's own inside the oven, otherwise you might induce a thermal shock and crack the glass.
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