New user - K1 and g-power - Very harsh

Hi all, i am new to vaping and i bought a k1 and g-power as a starter kit. and bought a 11mg liquid. eveytime time i take a pull even if it's a small one i cough! and i haven't be able to keep it down at all.

Is there something i am doing wrong? is there any adjustments on mine that use to turn it down please?

Many thanks

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  • Thanks very much for your advice, i must admit when i got it i just got one from a super market so problaby not the best oil to test with.

    I will try some more oils and not go directly into the lungs

    once i can get it right i know i prefer this to normal smoking

    Thanks again

  • @seragt Since the G-Power battery is not an adjustable voltage or wattage, I recommend getting to your local vape shop and testing out a few different liquids. Some liquids can be harsh, especially those sold at gas stations, etc. Make sure that when you fill the tank with juice that you give the coil about 5 - 10 minutes to soak up the juice BEFORE you vape or you will get a burnt tasting hit. If you burnt the coil it will always taste like that and you will have to change the coil. Also, when first starting to vape...the change from smoking can be surprising on your throat till you get used to the juice. If you are going from analog cigs to vaping, draw on the e cig just like you did when you smoked cigarettes.......don't do direct to lung hits when you start out. Do mouth to lung hits....draw the vapor into your mouth then inhale to lungs. Again, try some other juices....don't give up! :-bd
  • What charlz said is true try different liquids and find one that suits you. I find that berry flavors are pretty good and are not harsh if the coil is not burnt. Good luck.
  • @seragt It is best to check to find your local Vape shop near you and stay away from the supermarket type juices. A vape shop will have more variety and usually let you try the juice before you buy it. Good Luck! :-bd
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