Newbie just starting out

Hi guy quick question just brought a Amazon starter kit, came with Atlantis v2 and a cf sub ohm battery non adjustable brought eliquid at a 50/50 pg/vg mix at 18mg nicotine for starters It does cloud well but the hits are fairly harsh on the throat and chest also seems hot

I can only do short quick hits or I end up in a coughing fit any help getting sorted will be very appreciated

Using the 0.3ohm arm
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    One cigarette contains 0.8 - 2.0 mg nicotine, depending on the brand. Your eliquid equates to between 9 and 18 cigarettes per ml. One puff from the Atlantis V2 is equates to 1/2 a cigarette with your liquid. That's probably why you are getting punched in the throat when attempting to vape. Your choices are switching to a Nautilus for less vapor per puff, or buying a bottle of 0 nicotine of your flavor, and cutting the nicotine strength to 1/3 to 1/4 (4-6mg/ml). Use a scale for mixing :)

    With the lower nicotine liquid you can tune the Atlantis V2 to provide the cloud and taste you prefer. You might try the other Atlantis coils, or those for the Triton. You can get the 510 drip tip adapter and a longer drip tip to help cool the vapor. You'll also need to play with the top and bottom air flow controls to get it 'just right.' It will take some experimenting, but you have an excellent tank to start with.

    Some folks have a low tolerance for PG (propylene glycol). You may need to switch to a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerine) content. Ethanol will also give a harsh throat hit. Many of the flavorings used to make eliquid are ethanol based. If after cutting the nicotine content and adjusting your tank your liquid is still too harsh, you may need to switch flavors.
  • Really like vaping so want to get my setup right
  • I run a 6mg or a 3mg and 80vg 20pg mix. Good flavor and big cloud ☁!
  • @Joel360 what's the nicotine hit like as i was a heavy smoker
  • @binky.bane3 18 mg of nicotine is prettyheavy for cloud chasing and that could be adding to the harshness of the hit. I suggets opening up the airflow control on the Atlantis to it's fullest and start that way till you get used to the hit. ALso the ,3 coil will hit fairly hot...I suggest that you try a .5 coil will cool the hit and make vaping much mor enjoyable. Smaller hits should help when starting out.
  • @binky.bane3 I would start out maybe a 12mg or 6mg.
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