3 ways to STOP the Pegasus doing its 30 watt / 7+ volt setup when you fit a different tank

First of all let me say I take no credit for finding these methods - I have merely verified they actually work and collected them all together in one place to stop a lot of searching by others experiencing this strange phenomena.

It seems whenever you remove a device from the top of the Pegasus to fit a different one or to clean and refill etc. then it insists on doing its 30 watt test routine which many people have found can scorch the cotton in their coils, or worse.

There are 3 methods to get around this - at the moment?

1) Lock the device (5 clicks) - remove tank, fit same or another tank- then unlock device (5 clicks) - then set your watts and vape

2) Remove tank, fit same or another tank- give the fire button a brief click (you will see the voltage hit 7+ volts probably) - THEN WAIT for the display to switch off - then set your watts and vape

3) Remove the battery - install your tank - insert the battery and as you close the battery door and the "ASPIRE" legend appears on screen press and hold the fire button - wait for the screen to blank then release the fire button - then set your watts and vape

Please note these have only been tested in normal wattage mode
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  • Right on thanks for the info. :-bd
  • Great advice, thanks for the info! :)>-
  • Thanks again, only second trick seems to work for me though.

    But really happy to be able to use aerotank series with my Pegasus, even if being obliged to use "tricks" is quite annoying.
  • @pia Yes it is annoying to have to rememer the tricks each time.

    I don' t know why only no 2 works for you? All 3 methods work for me but I am only using 1.6 or 1.8 coils - perhaps their is only a certain limit on the variance of resistance with the other methods?

    Can you remember what value coils you were switching between or were you just using the same one?
  • piapia
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    @woodbar : Precisely : n° 1 does not work, and n° 3 is not even an option for me : be obliged to remove the battery ? WTF :-w

    As far as i'm concerned we should not have to use any "tricks" at all and the Pegasus should be usable with any setup.

    This mod is a great device except this "30W pulse test" which is just a nonsense, guys who decided that can not be vapers, and if a full set of tests had been made, they would have experienced the burnt coils issues that we and other users had.

    I think Aspire is loosing their customers confidence because of that (see the FB page), and i hope they will give a feedback and communicate about this error.

    We can not just be happy because some guys found several workarounds, for a device which costs 70$ alone + 10$ battery + 20$ dock, can we ?
  • @pia Blimey, and I thought the other day you were hinting that I was going a bit strong!

    Anyway I wholeheartedly agree with you - it is a complete nonsense and I think Aspire are doing themselves no favours by ignoring us all - with just the occasional "soak your coils, check your wattage" usual standard response garbage. Let's face it, they decided they would upgrade it to TC, otherwise it would have been a poor seller, then rushed the conversion, did not test it enough and what we have is the result!

    It's still odd that all three methods work for me but I certainly would not use no. 3 as the battery door hinge does not seem to be the strongest part of the mod!

    I have not seen the FB page yet, I will try and have a look.

    In the meantime, as I have had absolutely zero response from my complaint (faulty Triton and mis-described Pegasus etc.) sent via the "Contact us" route, from my account page, OR from the duplicate I sent direct to support then I am thinking I will have to re-think my vaping strategy All of my daily use tanks are Aspire but BOTH mods I have from them (ESP30 & Pegasus) leave a lot to be desired. I certainly won't be ordering any more Aspire mods any-time soon. Luckily I have a couple of 30W isticks as well as a 40wTC (very good) and a Cool Fire IV (superb) and have just put an evic VTC mini on order.
  • They are on vacation till Tuesday so will not get a response till they get back and see the posts.
  • Well it is now Wednesday and over a week since I sent a support request, both from the my account page and direct - still no answer!
  • I think this is ridiculous. I never would have ordered this mod if I had known it would do the 30 watt pulse thing. What a silly thing to design into your product. Too bad, cause otherwise it is a really comfy and good looking mod. They should fix the Pegasus and allow for exchanges, but that will never happen. There are so many other better options out there. Live and learn, and lose 50 bucks. My last Aspire product for sure.
  • @modopbj Welcome to the disappointed with Aspire Club!
  • After talking to 2 reps via live chat on aspirecig.com and looking at aspire batteries I've come to this conclusion.
    With help from my ohms law calculator

    3.7volt 2500mAh Aspire 18650 20A
    18.5amp draw
    .2ohm minimum
    or at the other end of the scale
    2.312amp 2.056amp
    1.8ohm 1.6ohm
    7.606watts 8.556watts
    Hope this is of some help and stops some of you setting fire to your coils

  • Not having a Pegasus I'm not sure of maximum battery voltage but I've done the math for 4.2volt as well.
    or for the other end of the scale
  • As the Pegasus mod sugested ohm rated from
    .2 ohm to a crazy 5ohm
    I've done the math on that too
    5ohm NOT .5ohm

    I still cannot find any specs relating to maximum voltage, I'm assuming somewhere between 3.7 and 4.2 as battery is supplied the aspire 18650 is supplied as a 3.7v but if it charges to voltages like the CF MOD and CF SUB do it will supply 4.2v
    Would appreciate if someone could comment re maximum voltage of a 18650 battery charged in the Pegasus mod, all these calculations will work perfectly with the Aspire .3Ka .4Ti .5Ka 1.0Ka 1.6Ka 1.8Ka
    Ka Kanthal
    Ti Titanium (triton)
    Ni Ni200 Nickel .15ohm (red insulating rubbers) is the only coil that supports TC (temperature control) as far as I can find out.
    Problems can arise when using the nautilus and nautilus mini as their coils are more delicate and can burn out when changing modes if fire button is not release as soon as the device changes modes. The 30w test pulse may be annoying but it was intended as a safety feature. Once you get used to your new mod and setting the wattage you should be fine,
    maybe in the future Aspire will pick up on functions like wattage lock, ohm lock and user profiles for your different atty's.
    These functions are standard on the new DNA 200 mod board and chipset manufactured by evolve
  • @revvic Battery voltage can easily be immaterial at the coil. Modern regulated MODs have a "magic box" containing electronics between the battery and coil. Part of the "magic box's" built-in functionality is usually a boost/buck for voltage. Paragraph 7 of the instructions states that the Pegasus will boost the voltage up to 8.5 volts.

    I term it a "magic box" as it would take an engineer with a good lab to reverse engineer the circuitry inside. You would also need someone well versed in software to decode that part of it.

    The moral is not to worry about how the Pegasus does what it does, just accept it.

    The Pegasus supports TC for both Ni200 and Ti coils. MODs with adjustable temperature coefficients will allow the use of other coil materials for TC.
  • One more question, maybe I'm being a little thick but Woodbar how are you getting 7volts from your Pegasus on a single 18650?
  • @revvic I can''t say I actually followed all your facts and figures earlier but the 7 volts+ is what you get applied to the 1.8 ohm coil during the totally ludicrous "test" routine - which roughly equates to 30 watts. This is possible due to the voltage boost circuit included as part of the electronics in the device which boosts (or reduces) the battery voltage to the value required to give the wattage according to your settings.

    As far as TC is concerned I have totally given up on using the Pegasus for that function - indeed the last time I tried it and then changed back to a normal 1.8 ohm Kamthal coil I could not get the Pegasus to come out of TC mode! I have three other types of mod which provide TC and in the same circumstances they immediately switch back to wattage mode even though you had to manually select TC mode in the first place - so much for the Pegasus "automatic" functions! I must say my eVic VTC mini works very nicely for TC - and It has just had updated firmware again (3rd time now) and now includes stainless steel settings for TC as well as the Ti and Ni - and of course the beauty of this is IF they happen to get something wrong in the algorithms then it can be easily rectified in a simple firmware update instead of suggesting you buy the "updated" Pegasus version, which it seems, has now done away with all the "automated (maybe)" functions in favour of manual, user, selection. I wonder why that was necessary if it all worked so well????

    I have stopped buying products from Aspire, apart from Nautilus coils, and I now only rarely use the Pegasus in VW mode - I curse whenever I replace the tank because I usually forget the "test" 30 watt+ routine - it's the only mod that does this and I don't think anyone will ever make the same mistake again!
  • As i previously stated i do not own a pegasus mod so was not aware of voltages it could provide, i was assuming the regular 3.7v-4.2v normally obtained from a single 18650 20A/40A battery as my only experiance with aspire batteries is the CF Sub and the CF Maxx VW.
    I went to my local vape shop to take a look at the Pegasus but was told they had sent their stock back to their supplier as there was a problem with them. I even went to the extent of talking to two Aspire reps via the live chat on the Aspirecig.com site and they assured me that they had done extensive testing and blamed the problem on unsaturated coils or possible user error. therefore I will not be buying one at the moment if at all.
    I now see what is happening when the mod does its TEST fire at 30w.
    7.35 Volts
    4.082 Amps
    1.8 Ohm
    30 Watts
    When all that is realy needed is 8 Watts for 3.7 Volts or 9 Watts for 4.2 Volts when using a 1.8 Ohm coil in wattage mode
  • According to the math you could only ever use the full 70W for the .2 Ohm minimum supported resistance and the voltage still only comes out at 3.7Volts with a 18.9 Amp draw. this is one instance where a 30W test fire safety feature is actually causing more problems than it solves WTF. Its back off to their drawing board for the Aspire brainiacs.
  • @revvic The Pegasus has been updated. The user manually has to select the wattage or temperature control mode of operation. Make sure that when you buy the Pegasus, the box has a 'NEW' orange oval on it.
  • UPDATED? More like repaired I would think. I am very pleased that some retailers were obviously thinking of their customers and returned their stocks of version one - I wonder if they will get updated by the factory and resold.

    Perhaps the orange sticker should read "Now works- Hopefully"
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