What do the LED lights mean on the "type" 1 USB battery charger?

Hey Aspire,

I have a "type" 1 USB battery charger (output 4.2v @ 420mA) I bought from my local brick and mortar, and I use it to charge my Aspire CF VV battery and it works great, but my wife didn't want a battery that big so she went with a Vision Spinner II. The store actually sells your charger for all of its charging needs. My problem is that the charger will charge the Spinner II battery up correctly, and the lights on the spinner light up as they are supposed to while being charged, but when the battery is fully charged and the battery light goes off and the charger light should switch from red to green it doesn't, the LED actually turns half green on the top and red/orange on the bottom. That is when I am holding the charger where the charging cord is going into the left, and the word "aspire" is seen correctly.

What does this mean??? It only does this on the Spinner II Battery! On my CF VV and on a few small Ego starter kit batteries it works just fine going from solid red to solid green when done! Thanks for any help in advance!!!

One other question I have is about your packaging. I know you put the scratch off and check serial numbers on your boxes of products, but do you also put factory seals on the ends of the packages? The reason I ask is the last box of coils I got has a good serial number on the box, but the box itself was almost coming apart from not being glued very well! That got me to thinking about someone putting knockoff coils in a Aspire box, especially when 2 of the 4 I have used were bad out of the box! They flooded with 1 or 2 prime puffs!!!

Again Thank You for any and all the help you can provide, and for putting out the best Vaping Gear on the Market!
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  • I agree with Charelz on that.
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    @BoxxerBoyDrew I would have to agree with what @charlzrocks said about the Aspire Charger. When I go to charge my Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery the indicator light is red (but if I look at it on an angle or in a dark room, you can see a little light behind the red solid charging light blinking green). This only occurs when connected to my Aspire Battery. But once my Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery is changed, the red light on the charger that is solid with a little green blinking light (but only if I hold the Aspire Charger on an angel, is the only way I see both) will turn solid green only when it's charged fully. The light on the charger turns green when my Aspire CF Sub Ohm Battery reaches 4.2 Volts +/-0.2. So the Spinner II battery might cut off before reaching 4.2 Volts, since the battery is made by a different manufacturer (but I wouldn't worry since the lights on your wife's Spinner II battery are reflecting it being charged. With all the safety features on higher end sealed rechargeable batteries it might have an early cutoff or since it's a smaller battery it doesn't have the capacity of reaching 4.2 Volts +/- 0.2 that the Aspire CF Batteries do).

    Then regarding your coils, it would be a timely process for a vendor to take authentic Aspire Coil boxes and place fake coils into the box. But I wouldn't put it past someone, the store or maybe an employee trying to make a buck. For example, I could see if a store sells single Aspire Coils, then keeps the original 5-Pack boxes b/c they do add up over time and then could possibly place fake blister 5-packs into the authentic Aspire boxes, then sells them (but would be really time consuming). But to answer your question, no the outside of the coil boxes don't come shrink wrapped. But you got to remember that all these products are shipped all over the world and USPS has delivered some beat-up coil boxes in the past to my self. The vendors that I've been using lately, if it ships with USPS First Class (the cheapest mailing possible, aka sMail). They package everything down to wire rolls in bubble wrap, then place the large airbags into the box (almost like there shipping my grandmother's finest china dishes). So if the shop had a large order, it could have accidentally got littly crushed and depending on if the merchandise is stored in a hot warehouse, glue can give with force. I would go back to the B&M an explain the issue with the two coils, and see if they will switch them out. But authentic coils can flood, depending on the Tank, vaping Wattage and some coils just have a break-in period of such. But if it has the scratch off code on the back (you checked it & it's authentic), it should have a white serial number sticker on the side of the box also, and you purchase authentic products from the store in the past, and they don't seem shady there probably real. But just drop by the B&M an explain your problem.

    If you order directly from Aspire, there package is amazing and take all the shipping precautions. And I've been lucky to find a few vendors here in the USA that take care & time in packaging. To me that says a lot about the supplier or vendor you're purchasing merchandise from. A++ for Aspire shipments and care in packaging, with my Pegasus Order it had a big red sticker that it was searched by DHL Customs and everything was put back nice and neat (only had a few package ever opened by customs, was a little leery but no problem). Best of Luck..
  • @BoxxerBoyDrew With regards to the battery charger that you are having concerns about, I think that the problem is with the non-Aspire Spinner battery. There are so many substandard batteries on the market that it is difficult to determine the quality of them. To find the Aspire battery works fine with the charger leads me to suspect that the charger is not compatible with the spinner battery. I have had this problem with the cheap eGo batterys where the charger almost flickers between the green and red when they are fully charged. I don't know why but usually that means they are fully charged. If this is not true in your case, the battery may be at fault.
    Regarding the coils you purchased, they may indeed be fake. I have never seen a factory seal on an aspire coil package save for the coils being sealed in the blister pack. But the Aspire blister pack does not mean they are authentic as anyone can and does ripoff the packaging of Aspire coils. Your best bet is to get your Aspire products directly from the Aspire online store. That way if you have problems you can contact Aspire to get them cleared up. But I have never heard of someone putting fake coils in an original Aspire box prior to scratching off the authenticity number. Contact the vendor that you purchased them from for a refund. If they are genuine, the vendor can take care of it from their end. :-B
  • Thanks for the help everyone! I figured as much on the charger since the light on the battery is showing it is receiving a full charge. I just wanted to make sure the charger wasn't trying to tell me the Spinner II battery was having problems! The dual light is seen when you are looking at the charger straight down at it, and as soon as you unscrew the Spinner II enough to break contact from the positive charging contact the LED turns SOLID GREEN! So unless an Aspire employee says otherwise I will take it as different manufactured products not speaking the same language! :-??

    On the coils and boxes, I don't believe the store where I buy from would be switching product and boxes, as everyone there is trustworthy as well as my Son's Girlfriend works there, so I have the inside scoop! :D I was thinking more along the lines of the distributors who can pay people a dime a day wages in a country who doesn't care what business practices they use to turn a profit!!!

    I would like to see Aspire do as most of the electronics industry has done and put factory proof seal stickers on the openings of their boxes! Nothing huge and super crazy, and not shrink wrap the whole box, but a small Aspire trademarked sticker so we can tell if the pkg has been opened or not! I know the stickers can and will be faked too, but at least it is a better since of security especially on products we are going to be using to inhale e-juice into our lungs with!!!

    Anyway Thanks Again for the help everyone, and to Aspire, what do you think about the sticker idea???
    Take Care all!
  • Dear BoxxerBoyDrew ,
    if the charger works well on other batteries,It only not work every well on your Spinner II battery,they maybe two reasons:
    1.the charger is not compatible with your battery, There are so many substandard batteries on the market,our charger is designed for most batteries charging needs,but not 100%.What's more,in order to protect their products.all manufacturers will suggest that please use original charger to charge our products,like our Iphone .
    2.There maybe some wrong with your battery.You can use another charger to have a try.If the same result with another charger,there maybe some wrong with your battery.
    There is no factory seal on the top of the box,but I am very confident that our packing box is very qualified.Every packaging box will be checked before using with our products.
    The security code is on the box,which need customer to scratch and get it,
    When customer check the security code on our website,it should be original.no one check the security code before you.
    If the security code is checked one or more times before or doesn't not exist,it is fake aspire product.
    To put a factory seal on the top of the box to tell if the pkg has been opened or not! this is a good suggestion for us,I will pass your suggestion to our packaging department.

    Best Wish
  • Thanks for all of the help everyone! I am going to take the battery to the smoke shop next time my son's girl friend is working so she can plug it into their charger to see if she gets the same reading as suggested! I am past their 14 day return policy, but I mentioned the issue to the manager where I bought the battery, and he said it wasn't a problem, but now after having the battery around a month the battery life is about half of what it was when first purchased!!! I KNOW QUITE A BIT ABOUT BATTERIES, as I have been into the Remote Control Cars, Trucks, Planes, Heli,(both Electric and Nitro) for almost 30 years! I am also a MECP Certified Car Audio and Electronics Installer, so I understand how to use a meter to check voltage of batteries to know when to charge them and how low their voltage goes so they don't get damaged! And 30 days +/- a day or two for what is supposed to be a quality 1600mAh battery, and already the capacity is almost half of what it was is pretty poor!!!!! I am needing to charge every tank and a half when using an Aspire ET-S, but when it was new I could go 3-3.5 tanks!!! And it is the exact same juice, exact same bottles! I vape inside my home 99.9% of the time so temp or location hasn't changed! SO SOMETHING ISN'T VIBING!!! Has anyone else who has a Vision Spinner II had the same problem??? From what I can tell and from what the manager and my son's girlfriend have told me is that I for sure have a true Vision Spinner II and not a knockoff! Anywho sorry for the rant! AGAIN THANK YOU ALL for the HELP and I really enjoy my Aspire products, and this forum has been a great place to get a lot of info as I get deeper into the world of vaping!

    Thanks Again and Take Care!
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