Who would Like to "Inspire" the next new product from Aspire?

  • watkijw said:

    Well @charlzrocks I think Aspire has at least two customers for their e-pipe. LOL

    But honestly, there is no reason why their next mod has to look like a box! Take all the feedback given on the Pegasus and apply to an e-pipe type mod, and you have a winner. Or better yet, make the same mod with two box types. One looks like a normal box mod, and the other looks like an e-pipe. Same chipset, maybe same batteries (or not), but options on the type of box. I think Aspire could make a killing on something like that! B-)

    @watkijw , I gotta agree with you that it would be a great selling product...no matter how they decide to put it out (built in battery or not) but I think that they have put is on the back burner for better selling and more anticipated products. I will wait patiently, as long as they name the E-pipe after me and call it the "Uncle Charlie" :D :D
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    @charlzrocks @watkijw The problem with an e-pipe is the battery almost has to go in the bowl, to keep the vapor path short enough to limit condensation. This limits the size of battery that can be used. It would be difficult to use Aspire's 18650 batteries in such a design.

    That said, a design similar to the Meerschaum pipe in National Treasure might work. The battery and electronics would be horizontal, with the display on the side or bottom. The top of the turret could be a dial style adjustment such as used by the Pegasus. The expanded area of the pipe stem would hold the atomizer, probably those used in the Triton, The threading for the stem should be larger than 510, perhaps M10 x 1. Continuously adjustable airflow controls below and above the atomizer can be added. This would be expensive, very expensive if a design were carved into the pipe. This design would allow Aspire to leverage their battery, electronics, and coils. The tank could be based on the Triton.

    Are you drooling yet?
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  • First off @Old_Salt, I have heard this "Battery Argument" all before.... :-@ (see the thread https://forums.aspirecig.com/discussion/26373/how-about-an-aspire-e-pipe#latest) Aspire can make the battery a built in (charging with a micro usb) and pretty much make it any shape they want. They have the new high drain battery technology as well, so IMO that is a moot point. Second a regular 510/ego connection would be sufficient for most any tank. They could make a smaller version of the Triton along the lines of the Nautilus Mini. Third , I always thought that the National Treasure pipe was overkill and they made the shape easy for fumble fingered Nic Cage to insert into the secret door locking mechanism. I would never vape from such an ostentatious device and Aspire would have a heck of a time getting the clearance from the makers of the film to use their copyrighted design. And finally....I have been "Drooling" for this device for a long time now so I think Aspire should have a good idea of what we (I) want. so ..... tag you're it! :-O
  • Sorry about that rant ....but I have been waiting a long time and everyone says the batterys are the stumbling point. I don't believe that for a second. Never have, never will. Anyway, enough about what I want.......What does the general public want? Come on lets keep them ideas coming! :)]
  • @charlzrocks No problem. I realize a custom built-in battery could be used, but their cash register would go ka-ching. I tried to come up with something leveraging as much of Aspire's current technology as possible. I used the National Treasure pipe as an example of a general shape, thinking Aspire could use a mythical theme instead.

    I just couldn't resist... Here's a quick DIY pipe based on the Triton. =D> Will it tide you over until Aspire comes up with something better? ;)

    Pipe for Charles.JPG
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  • @Old_Salt thanks but that looks more like a box mod on it's side! LOL! I have 3 e-pipes to date and have yet to find one that can really deliver the vape to my satisfaction. Here is my Aspire arsenal. All use either Aspire tanks or Aspire coils. (old pic so no Pegasus/Triton shown) anyway I want to see what Aspire can come up with to make me smile!
  • sorry....here is the pic
    Aspire Arsenal.JPG
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  • Nice @charlzrocks !! Have you ever tried the Tobeco Hammer mod? I always wondered about that one since it is mech and a small 18350 battery. Looks cool though lol...
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  • ^^ Probably shouldn't have posted that here, but your middle e-pipe reminded me of the Hammer. What is yours? Does it take a 18650? It's kind of the shape I was talking about earlier...
  • @watkijw they all take the 18350. The hammer mod is too utilitarian to me, looks like a clunky tube mod with a side button. want it to look like a pipe but with more power than a 18350. Anyway....enough about e-pipes......what else does everyone want to have Aspire develop? I would love to have a flying car myself! 8-}
  • All great ideas! @Old_Salt no I'm not a Transporter, I am a Reproductive Therapist (I repair copy machines)!
    @Tina Pink is not my color, I would like a nice gunmetal Triton tank! \:D/
  • Yep I agree with @watkijw that pretty much sums it all up :)
  • Gunmetal Gunmetal Gunmetal!!! \m/
  • I would like a V3 Atlantis in different colors and different tank capacities maybe dual vertical coil options.
  • @Joel360 I will pass your suggestion to our products development department.

    Hurry up.Your suggestion maybe take into account in our next new product .
  • Ooohh...Oooohh (raising hand) I got one!! How about removable skins in Carbon Fiber for the Pegasus!?!?

    Oooh...Oooh...I got another one!!! How about silicone rubber cover for the Pegasus?!? :)] :-bd
  • Hey everyone....let's hear your comments.....what do you want? :)]
  • @tina they should make skins in 6 colors of CF. Black, Blue, Red, Silver, Green and PINK! Because I know you love Pink! 8->
  • Here is my suggestion for a future product... Reusable, washable filters and coils. Coils are expensive and organic cotton is great but if made reusable or washable, game changing and money saving. :D
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    @charlzrocks Isn't that the RTA? It costs pennies to rebuild it.

    PS: 5 turns of 32AWG Kanthal with an ID of 2mm works out to 1.8Ω. The Triton 1.8Ω coil seems to have 4 turns of 33AWG with a 2mm ID. The rest of the wire is a low resistance filler.
  • @Old_Salt No, I think what @milmil0428 is looking for is an Atlantis/Triton or whatever model tank coil that can just be rinsed out and used again and again as opposed to a rebuildable.
  • @milmil0428 if your suggestion for a RTA/RBA for our tanks? then users can rebuild the coil by changing the wire and cotton.
  • RTA/RBA option for atlantis V3? :D
  • @Tina and @charlzrocks , you are correct, I would like to see a reusable coil and reusable cotton that can be used again and again. Thank you for the complete explanation @charlzrocks :D
  • I would like to see a new tank with top fill and with the possibility of about 5 mils of juice. A tank that can completely come apart for easy cleaning. Let's not forget a small bag of o-rings, too much to be ordering o-rings online. BTW keep the stainless steel in your coils, tastes so much better and I believe healthier. Thanks Aspire.
  • @Suzzy I will pass your suggestion to our products development department in today's daily meeting :D
  • Please make a tank like the Amigo Itsuwa 1981 V4 that uses the bvc coils the Mini Nautilus uses.

    Their tank design is amazing but their coils are terrible. I love your bvc coils but the Mini Nautilus doesn't stack up at all to their tank.
  • @BaronSciarri Thank you for your suggestion.
    I think the tank your remind is a little looks like our K1 glassomizer,but it has a adjustable airflow system on the bottom.
    I will pass your suggestion to our products development department.
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