Is it normal for the resistance to fluctuate on the Pegasus using a non TC coil?

Using a 0.3 ohm Atlantis 2 coil in the triton tank on the Pegasus. Each time I vape the Pegasus displays a different resistance sometimes going as high as 0.57. Is this normal? When initially attaching the tank it reads between 0.29 and 0.32 ohms.
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  • Yes. Electrons flow along the surface of a conductor, and the juice interacts with the wire, thereby altering the resistance.
  • @Guz ok thanks. It doesn't seem to be doing it quite so much now though.
  • @Xanviour I've noticed it more on the Pegasus than on other mods, but that happens on both mine and my friend's Pegasus.
  • While vaping,the temperature will affect the resistance of the coil.The resistance will increase as the temperature goes up.
  • I have found the same to be resistance only fluctuates by + or - .03ohm so it seems pretty normal!
  • I've used both aspires 40 amp battery and a Samsung 20amp (not sure what model, but got from a trustworthy vaping shop) and the resistance reading fluctuates a lot more with the Samsung battery. This seems a bit odd to me.
  • @Xanviour I haven't tried the Pegasus with different batteries and what @Tina said about resistance changing is correct; however I do notice more up and down movement of the resistance reading on the Pegasus than on other mods. I can't validate which mod may be more accurate though!

    The effect changing with your choice of battery is strange - maybe its to do with different power delivery from the battery affecting the temperature, which in turn affects the resistance?
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