Skull Tank Review for Triton

I received the skull tank for my Triton in the mail on Monday. It is a beautifully crafted tank and well built. The Triton hardware hooks up nicely to it. I have not experienced any leaking from it yet. It is a great replacement tank.

With that said, there are a few negatives to the tank. The design of it does not allow you to easily see your e-liquid in the tank. Unless you are using some really dark juice, you will most likely have to hold it up to the light to see how much is in it. This has made filling it a little more difficult. Also, it is easy to not notice when you are low on juice either. For this reason, I could only recommend this tank for either the aesthetic or if you have broken your original tank. Also, due to more metal being present I have noticed that with lower Ohm coils like the .2 Ohm Herakles coils in the Triton(which is not made by Aspire), the tank does get warmer than the original Triton tank. Personally, it looks really nice as does the original tank for the Triton and I will be using it quite often. I will just have to monitor my juice level more closely.
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