ESP 30W stucks at 20w!?

Hi guys, i have 2 units of ESP 30w.

1) 1st unit, unscrew the atlantis 2 tank and the head of the 510 from the esp 30w came out together and i cant seem to screw it back!

2) 2nd unit, my friends. Seems like the wattage cant be change. Stucks at 20w, aint going up and aint going down. Also has a atlantis 2 tank but this unit does not get stuck with the head of the mod.

Please help, anyone
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  • @jhan , For the ESP stuck at 20 watts, If you got the unit from you local B&M return it for an exchange. If you got it directly from Aspire online store, contact their customer service.
    As for the 510 connection coming out, this is the first problem of it's type that I have heard of. Anyone else care to chime in?
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