no taste triton

just wondered if anyone knew why i might be getting clouds but no taste????
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  • I run across this occasionally. It's usually my taste buds going taste blind (aka vape tongue). But things I have found that help is to let the coil sit overnight, and, or close up the upper AFC on the Triton.

    For some reason, for me, when ever I open the upper AFC on any tank, the flavor get muted but the vapor gets cooled down. Everyone else raves about how good it is for flavor, but I just don't see it. Personally.
  • I find that....when I increase the heat the flavor disappears the hotter I go! So I usually keep the heat in the lower range and the airflow anywhere from half open to wide open and the drip tip AFC closed....if that helps... :)>-
  • Also switch to a different juice for just one tank full of vaping. I agree with everything posted above but changing your E-Liquid, vaping a different flavor for one or two tank refills. Got read of my vape tongue, and there was one E-Juice that tasted better in my Atlantis V2 but couldn't taste the flavor in the Triton. But haven't had any issues with my 80VG/20PG E-Liquids besides one flavor and it cleared up after steeping it b/c it was Max VG (so the flavor was a little bland but it was one of my DIY flavors that I was messing around with so that could have been my issue).

    I have noticed that if your using a Atlantis V2 Coil in your Triton Tank, when that Atlantis V2 Coil starts getting close to only 1/4 life left in it the flavor will start to mute. In my experience at least. But now that I have my TC Coils for all my Aspire Tanks not have a flavor problem at all. Once I give my Ni200 Coil a few days of vaping with the Pegasus. I'm planning on putting a 0.3Ω Triton SS Coil in my tank. So I can put the Pegasus through the testing in VW Mode. Because I've only been using TC Mode since I received it this last Friday. Best of Luck!!
  • I agree with southy on this one. Well said. :-bd
  • This happened to me too when I changed e liquids without washing the tank and changing the coils.

    In other words: if you want flavor: wash the tank with water, put new coil and new w juice. Keep the same juice brand/flavor until coil goes bad or you lose flavor again.

    Depending on e juice I can use a coil 1 day - 7 days. Then flavor is gone and I mount new coil.
  • Also, taste can vary depending on the coil used. What coils are you using?
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