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I am having a MAJOR problem with my Triton Tank - I LOVE this tank !!! BUT - I purchased the appropriate atomizers (1.8) for the Triton - they are only last a couple of HOURS before they burn up !!! My watts are set at 12 - which is recommened - dont know what to do - Please help !!!
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  • Edit: I just unscrewed the coil and there is a bunch of blackened juice down in the area where the coil meets the battery contact. That is not good right? leaky coil?
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    @Lisa287 WYSINNWYG, or What You See Is Not Necessarily What You Get ;)

    Your MOD may be putting out more power than it displays. Try using another MOD, or turning down the power. I'm using 12.5W for a 1.8Ω coil in the Triton with 80/20 liquid. My coil is into its fourth week or over 80ml.

    VG has a higher boiling point (290°C) than PG (188°C) so more power can be used. I've gone above 16W with 85% VG.

    Lower power should also be used for longer puffs or chain vaping. Your coil boils off the liquid contacting it. When it's gone, the cotton starts to burn. This happens faster at higher power levels.
  • One more user with the same tank and coil. 3 days, 3 coils.
  • PS...

    I'm using between 93-97% VG
  • That is very strange. I love the Triton 1.8 Ohm coils. I use 100% VG (which I probably shouldn't) and vape at around 15 Watts (also more than recommended). My coils are lasting 3-4 weeks.

    @Lisa287 what flavor are you vaping? Is it something very sweet? I know some flavors can really caramelize on the coil and ruin it quickly. It sounds counter-intuitive, but try vaping at a higher setting to see if it helps. You want to vaporize the liquid before it can cook, but not hot enough to burn the wick...
  • I'm vaping 85 or 90% VG (sugared custard / coco / rasperry) with 1.8 Triton coil at 18-20W with no problem; i had dry hits when chain vaping 2 or 3 times, waiting for a minute or two and it was OK after.
    watkijw said:

    I use 100% VG (which I probably shouldn't)

    @watkijw Why shouldn't you ?
  • @pia Wow, that is running pretty hot for the 1.8 Ohm coils. They are rated 10-13 Watts, but I usually run them at 14-16. Maybe you are just scorching your cotton at that setting? The Triton coils should be wicking ok, but that is really hot.
  • @watkijw no problem with that setting, i even can push sometimes to 22W and the cotton whick is fine, airflow all open it does not burn and the vape is smooth and quite cool. The recommended settings seem a little underrated, see the youtube review videos (ie P.Busardo using the 1.8coil at 20W and the 0.4 at 50W)
  • @pia I agree completely that the recommended settings are low. I just get a little burned taste when I push past 16 Watts, but that is just my sweet spot. I suppose it could depend a little bit on the mod too, not to mention differences in the juice. Maybe I could go higher if I add a little PG into the mix... ;)
  • I'm using authentic Triton and authentic Triton 1.8 coils. I using a moderate sweet juice, it's a Banana Wafer Pudding, the sweet spot for me is at 12.5 Watts. I use my SXmini. I get maybe one week with 3-4 tanks before the flavor drops out and it starts to taste like burnt cotton. I have been dissecting the dead coils and they seem to heat from the center of the coil, and that's where the "charring" is on the coil. But, the burnt/blackened cotton is actually underneath the length of the wire that runs from the top of the coil to the bottom. As an experiment, I'm trying out the 1 ohm Atlantis coil, so far i've gone through 1/2 a tank and still haven't found my sweet spot with the flavor. So, I ordered the RTA kit and see if i'll have any better luck with them. I like the cooler vape of the above ohm coils, but going through a coil every 3 tankfulls is a bit to much for me.
  • You have to wait for the cotton to soak up more juice between hits.
  • Lets try this again, Authentic Triton Tank, Authentic Triton 1.8 ohm coils. SXmini MClass. Moderate sweet juice, vape at 10 watts, 3 second light draw, wait 2 minutes then another 3 second light draw and put the mod and tank down for an hour. After doing this numerous times until i've used about 1ml of juice, thus assuring that the BRAND NEW carefully primed coil that sat undisturbed for 2 hours before vaping, was gently broken in.
    Turning the power up to 11.2 watts, again only taking a 3 second light draw with a 2 minute wait before repeating. After going through another 1 to 2 ml of juice, tank is now about 1/2 full, It tastes like "burnt robot ash". Burnt cotton taste.
    I am about ready to take a video of smashing all three of my Tritons and posting it with a warning that there is a SERIOUS problem with not only the Stainless Steel coils blowing up but a really frustrating problem with the 1.8 coils burning after 2-3 ml of juice vaping. Still waiting on customer support to get back to me...
  • I am having the same issue. I went through six 1.8ohm coils in one week! I contacted Aspire and all they could say is "that's strange". A few of them burned up in as little as two hours. My juice is 70vg/30pg. I've primed every coil and I even let one sit over night before using. I start out at 3watts and work my way up to 9watts and I just haven't had any success with these coils. I don't like sub-ohm vaping, as I prefer mouth to lung. I've spent over 70 dollars on the Triton and coils and I am extremely disappointed.I hate this tank and I plan to go back to my Nautilus. I've steered as many of my friends away from this tank as possible and I will never recommend it for any mouth to lung vaper.
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    @loganvapes If you're near Halifax, I'm more than willing to swap two Nautilus Minis for your Triton :)
  • @ old_salt I'm in Chicago. I would however make that trade in a heart beat.
  • @loganvapes sounds to me like you are not letting the 30w pulse run for 4 seconds. It's just running at 7v for a prolonged period.
  • I'm having the same problem with my triton 2 and 1.8 coils! So disappointed! I'm using Apollo 50/50 Cappuccino and an Eleaf TC40w box. Vaping at only 11 watts. Its about a 3-3.5 second burn. I do have the intake completely closed off as I feel that gives me the most identical feeling to the pull a real cigarette. It lasted for 1 tank :(
    I don't wanna give up the 50/50 because I like that throat hit! It again reminds me more of a real cigarette. Did I just waste 45 bucks? :(
  • suprcharg said:

    Edit: I just unscrewed the coil and there is a bunch of blackened juice down in the area where the coil meets the battery contact. That is not good right? leaky coil?

    could be....there should be an o-ring seal on the it missing? Check the Aspire site for the locations on the coils, if your is missing, it could be the culprit! Then again, you say the AFC is completely closed off which will cause an undue backpressure which may be sucking extra juice into the coil. Open your AFC just a bit so that there is some air, you gotta have some air!
  • And Everyone....make sure that your coils are Genuine Aspire coils! Check the scratchoff on the coil box against the Aspire website. I hate to have to keep harping on this but there are MANY fake coils out there that look identical to the real thing, packaging included! The scratchoff is the only way to be sure!
  • Thanks Charlz. Ya the blue o-ring is there. I also checked code on the web site to confirm validity.
    I cleaned the tank out "pretty good" and noticed a substantial difference in taste. With this Triton 2 being completely closed off, there is still a fair amount of air that comes through, basically identical to a reg cigarette. That's why i love it. I don't have to try to hard to dial it in perfectly.
  • Well I tried mine completely closed off and yes....still a bit of air comes thru...but, if you keep having the same problem, open the airflow a tad bit and see if it still recreates the problem. If not, you found the solution. Merry Christmas! :D
  • I have had some juices that leave a "residue" on the metal parts of the tank especially the chimney tube, and the taste changes for the better after cleaning.
  • I have Triton 1.8 coils two boxes authentic. I prime them as usual and burned taste is not going away. Out of 8 I used none of them worked. I got a coil from a local store it vapes wonderfully. No reason for the problem but bad quality control. I feel like the juice is not going inside the coil when I vape. I put few drops inside and its vaping ok for couple minutes and then burned taste again.
    Got to use sub ohm coils as they work for me in TC mode wonderfully. Any suggestions guys?
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