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I purchased a Triton Tank 2 weeks ago. It started having a burnt taste after 3 days. I've been back to the vape store for an exchange. I was informed that they cannot guarantee the product as Aspire notified them that they would not take back exchanges, etc. due to fraud. I've been having an email debate going on for some time with Aspire regarding my defective tank. I've done everything that has been asked of me from changing batteries, changing atomizers, changing settings, cleaning out parts, showing authenticity, show receipt of purchase, and even sending a video of defective product. I still can't get any one to be responsible for this. Their customer service is a joke.
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  • "Burnt taste" is usually a coil or MOD problem, not a tank problem. This happens when dry cotton contacts the energized coil. Too long a puff, or too much power is the usual culprit.

    There are three possibilities, if the problem is in the Triton tank. The first is that the level of liquid in the tank is too low. Keep the level above the top hole in the chimney. The second, is that the Triton is in the fill mode, not the vape mode. Check to ensure the arrow at the top of the tank is pointing to the facial profile, NOT the droplet. These two problems are due to improper usage, the third is a tank hardware problem.

    Remove the top AFC, empty the tank, and remove the bottom hardware with the coil. With the top collar of the tank in the fill position (arrow points at droplet) check to ensure both holes in the fill compartment are open to the tank. Check to ensure the holes in the chimney are fully closed, and that you cannot see through them. Move the top collar of the tank to the vape position (profile of a face). Check to ensure the the holes from the fill chamber to the tank are closed, and that the holes in the chimney are fully open. If these tests pass, repeat them with an Aspire coil for either the Triton or Atlantis. Third party or counterfeit coils cannot be used for this. If the tank passes this test, the tank is good, and your problem is with the coil or the MOD. If the tank fails this test, make a video of it while you redo the test with a commentary saying where the failure is, and send it to Aspire. With that documentation of failure you can be sure Aspire will respond.
  • My triton sat on my desk for the last month as when I fill it the juice just ends up on my desk it drained the tank in 10 mins..... I thought lets give it another chance so I took the 1.8 out and put the 0.4 in juiced her up and made dinner... after dinner I opened a beer and was impressed that my desk was juice free ... I vaped away for a few minutes at 30w and all was well until I got a call on my mobile I put my mod down and reached for my mobile and in doing so touched my forearm on the triton now I have a huge blister where the damn thing burnt me and have been in pain since .... these devices need to pass some form of approval before being allowed on sale so this kind of dangerous not fit for purpose rubbish is kept off the market
  • @Keitha You may wish to check your MOD. The fire button might be sticky.

    Vaping @ 48W with the 0.3Ω coil, the drip tip will get too hot to vape. By the time I set it down, the drip tip is merely warm to the touch. I can't get the tank up to a temperature that would burn someone.
  • My fire button is working perfectly ... since my injury I have tested this issue and reproduced this several times on the triton tank .... also I have been unable to get a similar result an a kanger sub tank
  • @Keitha did you have the air flow holes open on the drip tip and the deck all the way? That will cool down the vape and the tip. I run mine at 70w with the .3ohm atlantis coils and works perfectly. Try that and let us know.
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