Problem with discharge on the Triton


I am fairly new to vaping, but after using the K1 for a while I decided to chase bigger clouds.

Bought the Triton and Smoktech X-Pro BT50 with IMR 3.7 V battery online (0.4 ohm coils).

Initially I was very happy, but after a while I began to hear loud pops and crackles while vaping.

Eventually I realized that current was arcing through the vapour when I got a small electric shock on my tongue.

I wondered if there is any known workaround to this problem, or if maybe I am using the wrong kind of battery?

* I'm pretty sure its not the battery, as I have tried it with the Nautilus and there are no pops or crackles.
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  • @cloudchaser77 We have had some complaints about the .4 ohm coils that come with the Triton regarding spitting and popping. Nothing in the way of a coil arcing! I recommend that you change the coil to an Atlantis .5 ohm coil. This should solve the problem. If the problem persists contact us again and let us know!
  • Thanks, but i'm not sure it isn't to do with the fact that there is space between the coil and central column. What i've noticed is that liquid tends to pool in the bottom hardware possibly shorting the connection between the coil base and battery contact.

    I'll give the atlantis coils a try though.
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    ...i've noticed is that liquid tends to pool in the bottom hardware...

    Try tightening the coil in the bottom hardware. This may seal the bottom electrode of the coil.
  • I would really hope that you just got a drop of hot liquid on the tongue, and not an actual arc of electricity. A drop of hot juice can be quite shocking and easily mistaken for a zap...

    But yeah, the .4 Ohm coils seem to not have the best performance. Switch to the Atlantis coil and use high VG juice. :)
  • Haven't had any luck with .4ohm coils either.
  • I ran 0.4 and 0.3 which I bought from a local store that sells Authentic Products . haven't had any issues . maybe it's few batches of coils .
  • Run the . 3ohm atlantis coils.
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