nautilus mini compatible with C VV battery?

I've got the C VV+ battery, but I'm trying to find ou if the more powerful 1600mah C VV battery will be compatible with the Nautilus Mini clearomizer. Help much appreciated.
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  • I am in exactly the same frame of mind. I too have the CF VV+ and need a battery with a higher rating.
    I have looked at Google images of the mini Nautilus on the CF VV 1600mah battery and although yes it is compatible, to me it just does not look right. The battery is slimmer than the VV+ with an exposed ego thread so even with a beauty ring attached it looks quite odd. I was hoping that Aspire would add some higher rated batteries as a CF VV+ range up to say 1600 or 2000mah that would complement the mini Nautilus with a nice flush finish.
  • Yes the Aspire CF VV+ battery should work fine with the Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank. The rating of the battery in mah is not so much a matter of power but a matter of longevity. A 1000mah battery will have to be recharged sooner than a 1600mah battery. They have kits available on the Aspire website too! :-B
  • Thanks, but my question is whether the bigger CF VV battery will fit too. I already have the CF VV+, but could do with a spare with more capacity. Cheers for your help, charlzrocks.
  • Good point, well made, steve. C'mon aspire - sort it out :D
  • GuzGuz
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    I can say, with a definitive YES. The CF VV battery works just fine with the Nautilus Mini. You just have to put the 'beauty ring' onto the battery to help support the Mini. Otherwise there is a slight possibility of bending at the 510 threads if you aren't careful. The ring also makes for a smoother transition from the tank to the battery.

    I used to use a red CF VV battery on my Nautilus Mini for quite some time. It doesn't look that bad. Now putting the full size Nautilus on it... it too will work just fine, it just looks "funny" if you get my drift.
  • Yes, it will work. You will need to use the cone that comes with the Nautilus Mini in order to protect the ego threading. I have used it with my Triton using the 1.8 Ohm coil and it did just fine so I know it will work with the Nautilus Mini.
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