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K so I bought the Atlantis mega yesterday 8-22-15, I had been previously using the Atlantis v2 and loved it major drawback of the tank was obviously it's capacity hence forth the reasoning as 2 y I bought the mega and I must say I'm a little disappointed first off the drip tip is 2 long and blocks the top airflow ring,second the top airflow ring spins like its on a loose poor designed bearing third the coil that was in it seemed 2 have very little airflow ( so it was very difficult 2 get a good pull) last is the bottom airflow ring is non removable so as 2 clean is very difficult and at times impossible. Please fix these problems so I can once again say aspire has the best tanks
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  • I don't know enough about the Mega to offer a suggestion - I have only used one in my local shop to try juice. I did like the way it vaped though!
  • I agree that the o-ring on the drip tip does partially block the top air flow. If the tip was a bit longer it would set the o-ring higher to allow max air flow. But since there are 4 top [cooling] air holes I don't think the o-ring blockage is an issue. I don't have any issues with taking a hot vape with the vent holes fully open.

    As for the bottom air flow, it seems to me that the largest setting allows an unrestricted draw with little to no resistance, and produces clouds of vapor. I only close mine to smaller settings when I want to feel some air flow resistance / restriction.

    I'm using the 0.5 ohm and 0.3 ohm coils, but I have heard that the 1.0 ohm coils set @ 40 watts works best.
  • I too have no experience with the Mega either.....can someone who has please chime in here and give some first hand advice? Thanks... :)]
  • My friend has one and it vapes like the V2 Atlantis it's freakin awesome. Did you check if it was authentic? Maybe it's a clone.
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