First Impression of the Pegasus

  • LOL, I still had a couple mini-protank 3 tanks too up until last month when I finally donated them... Glad I didn't try them on the Pegasus.

    @woodbar you are making a valid point. I love Aspire products, and I am sure they have performed a ton of tests, but that doesn't make it impossible that something got missed. I am glad @Tina is giving us some pointers that may help, but it stands to reason that there should be a warning about the 30W pulse. Especially the fact that it might burn or completely fry a higher resistance coil. It is a reasonable request to warn future consumers, and will raise customer satisfaction in the long run.

    OK, climbing down off my soapbox now... I will be back to post after my Ti wire arrives. ;)
  • I just got my Pegasus today, I intended on only using it with 1.8ohm coils in my Nautilus, Nautilus Mini and Triton, and I've already abandoned it after it decided to hurl a huge amount of wattage through the Mini after I refilled the tank.

    I think the TC testing stuff is insane, particularly for being triggered by the firing button. The first thing I'm going to do after putting a tank on the mod, is fire it. Immediately destroying the wick is not a helpful feature. The TC mode should be triggered in a different way.

    So now it seems like I have a mod that I can only safely use for sub-ohm vaping, which isn't something I'm enormously interested in. Great.

    Between that and the terrible gurgling/spitting issues I've been having with the Triton when re-filling it, I'm pretty sure I have now wasted my last dime on Aspire equipment :(
  • @woodbar it's pretty poor really. I entirely agree with earlier commenters who have pointed out that there's absolutely no reason to be doing the 30W "pulse" on high resistance coils. I am going to try and return the Pegasus because it's clearly a poor design.
  • piapia
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    Guys we should be serious though : that is not a matter of brand or resistance.

    All coils made with 0.3mm (28AWG) and above should be fine (most of what we can buy and find now), but it's true that under 0.3mm, the coil heats too much and burns the whick. IMHO.

    But i agree a manual switch from TC to VW mode would have been better than the "30W detect"
  • @pia ? Sorry I do not understand the comment regarding "brand or resistance"

    All I can say is there are obviously an increasing number of people having to compromise the way they use ( or even not use) this device solely because of a totally unsuitable and ill-conceived operating mode which was probably done in a rush because they realised that releasing a new mod without TC (as the Pegasus was when originally announced) would be disasterous for sales when it seems every other new mod has TC.

    I note your comments regarding wire diameter BUT all other TC mods I have been able to check do have a switchable mode TC or Watts so you can use anything you like in watts mode, within the resistance specification of the device of course. Remember the Pegasus specification says it will handle up to 5.0 ohm coils - that's some huge coil if it has to be thicker than 0.3 dia.

    I am sorry but I just find it a little insulting to be told, by Aspire, to "prime your coils and choose the correct wattage" again!
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    @woodbar sorry for my bad english, i just wanted to say that all is not negative with this device and we should not get nervous.

    Nonetheless i agree with you about the issues we raised : coils with thin wire burnt, and "30W test" with no way to manually switch between TC/VW mode.

    Let's wait for other users reviews and Aspire's video and feedback.

    I have a (very) little hope that Aspire will provide a way to upgrade the Pegasus (through USB?) if most of their customers complain about that.
  • @pia Your English is fine - I had not actually noticed it might not be your native language!

    I wondered about firmware upgrade via USB - I tried plugging it into 2 computers and neither recognised it as a device. I did not expect it to load any drivers but thought it might show as "unrecognised" or something?

    My suspicion is the USB port is only power and not data enabled?
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    Ended up double posting - did not realise it had started a new page - doh!
  • Going to cancel my order for the Pegesus. The way they test a new coil is a big NONO for me.
    Mod is looking fine but the 30w to check a new atty is wrong.
    If they make it an user setting then I will buy this.
    For now I'm going to find another mod
    Good luck for the another with burnt coils
  • @Southy321 Thanks for the thoughts and tips, much appreciated.

    I had sort of already got there as I used the "lock" trick to fit a new 1.8 ohm in the Triton without it knowing!

    Trouble is I have a shed-full of 1.6 ohm coils for my multiple Nautili and only a couple of 1.8 ohm so I can't use that method to swap between Triton and Nautilus.

    You certainly sound as though you are going to be busy making all those coils and testing them out - good luck with that.

    Yes, I think the Natilus is still my favourite although it does feel a bit tight after using the Triton but that is OK for me - I don't do sub-ohm, lung hits or TC (safety concern) but I do dabble with RBA (RTA) and a couple of RDAs.

    Trouble is I bought my original Triton hoping it would be a good "do it all" device, for tinkering with different modes, and it succeeds in that. So I then ordered the Odyssey kit to obtain another Triton plus the Pegasus which also purported to be a "do it all" device - unfortunately it is NOT and is really only usable for sub-ohm and (maybe) TC (I think the jury is still out on that one).

    I assume I will need to contact customer support regarding returning it as there is not a lot of feedback here.

    @arjan Sorry you are going to have to cancel the order - probably saved you some hassle. Funnily enough the very day I was going to cancel mine I got an email saying it was dispatched so I was too late
  • I just canceled my order on cigabuy.

    I dont care what Aspire tested, but burning taste is a big nono. We had 2 responses to this problems and both dont satisfy me. They seem to indicate the fault lies with the user and not with the device. Since it also seems the device cant be updated manually, this is too much of a gamble for me.

    Sorry Aspire, i needed a good device for VV/VW but it seems u got greedy with the TC and the product is flawed :(

    Its also kinda funny. First i wanted the EvicVT which has/had a similar problem. I was too scared to buy one since u never known if u get one with the patched firmware. Then i saw the Pegasus and fell in love. Now it also burns your cotton and even IF they fix it in the factory with later versions, you cant be sure to get a good one when clicking the buy button.

    I hope my wallet speaks louder then the concerns here in the forums, since you may be sorry, but i dont feel that you really take the problems serious.

    Best regards,

  • Perhaps you should wait for Aspire feedback before taking a definitive decision.

    If "burnt whicks/coils" problems come more and more on this forum and on their facebook page, i'm sure Aspire will provide a solution (software upgrade or else).
  • @pia I agree about needing feedback but so far we have only had "we can't reproduce this" (really?) plus -

    "adjust your wattage" - which we all know has ZERO effect on the 30 watt test routine

    "soak your new coils before use" - which (I hope) we all do and anyway it will still scorch a part used coil that has been in use on another device and well saturated

    Anyone that does not apply these absolute vaping basics would be getting problems with ALL their devices NOT just the Pegasus?

    I have now contacted support over my problem with the device as well as the leaky Triton from a previous order which has the wrong O-ting fitted in the top AFC.

    To be honest I think @Nydus is being sensible because it would be reasonable to assume that any Pegasus in stock at the moment IS going to exhibit these problems so why buy something that is not going to perform as you would expect?

    I don't envy the task facing Aspire, if and when they have to admit the design is flawed and if it is not possible for the user to update the firmware, do they ask everyone to send them back, release a Pegasus V2...........?
  • pia said:

    Perhaps you should wait for Aspire feedback before taking a definitive decision.

    If "burnt whicks/coils" problems come more and more on this forum and on their facebook page, i'm sure Aspire will provide a solution (software upgrade or else).

    If i wait the mod is here and i have to send it back to china out of my pocket. Another user already stated that the USB port is not recognized so the chances are slim and i dont have the money to gamble on this :(
  • @woodbar and @Nydus : I understand guys...

    We were really few to have received the TC Pegasus (early reviewers had non-TC version). Only winners of the shopping spree on this forum first.

    I think Aspire is/was waiting for more "representative" user feedback.

    Now the device has just arrived in shops...and first bad users feedback are arriving on the Aspire FB page (fried coils, nautilus problems...).

    We'll see what Aspire has to say about that.

  • @tippi771 wow thank you, nice find, i can use my aerotank mega with the Pegasus now !

    So sad i did not know about that i donated my beloved PT2 yesterday, thinking i never could use it on the Pegasus :((

    Just have to buy another one, so
  • Ok - another update and another failed test of an Ni200 build firing on the Pegasus.

    I tried 11 wraps on 3mm of 30G Ni200, the resistance was displayed on the Pegasus as 0.24 ohm (a little higher than I expected, I thought that should have hit about 0.12 - 0.13). The Pegasus swapped over to temp mode without issue, but didn't fire properly.

    As soon as the fire button was pressed (when in temp mode), the display showed the temperature reading at whatever I'd set it to - no moving around of that reading or rising to the desired temperature. There was a tiny bit of vapour, so it was kind of firing - but it was very weak. Holding the fire button for the full 12 seconds showed a tiny amount vapour coming off the coil - but it was barely enough to be visible.
  • @woodbar the strange thing to me isn't that it varies from what it says in the manual - its that the results are not predictable.

    I've read somewhere that it wont display resistance lower than 0.1 but I had it displaying 0.07 when I tried an Ni200 coil with 24G - I've realised my error in trying to use this gauge on a mod where I'm aiming for 0.1-0.15 ohms

    My first attempt was too low resistance and I couldn't get temp mode to kick in.
    My second attempt was probably too low (but I'm not sure) - even though it displayed a higher resistance. I managed to swap in to temp mode and I watched the resistance climb, but it wouldn't fire past the "calibration phase".
    The third attempt wouldn't fire properly despite all signs on the display seeming to be what I'd expect - however the resistance displayed didn't change.

    I may be failing with my coils through my own ineptitude - but I've had working Kanthal coils running without a problem. I'm currently running a 0.4 ohm single coil setup between 30-35 watts, so I don't have a problem with the calibration phase.

    In the right circumstances I still think the Pegasus is great - but I think its also flawed in some ways. I ordered it early and took my chances with it - temp control was an unexpected (but not unwelcome) last minute addition and unfortunately I don't think this feature has been implemented as well as Aspire could have done it.

    I'm curious about the TC coils, but I'm also reserved about buying some at the minute - hence my interest in other people's experiences. I might try some once the Aspire Ni200 coils make it to my local vape shop, but I'm still unsure...

    I actually did choose a Pegasus as my prize - I already have two Triton tanks and I'm curious if I've just been unlucky with my first one. As I said before there is so much to like about the Pegasus - its great in so many ways and I do appreciate the chance to test it out early. For the price we paid from the event I can't complain at all as its a fantastic package for the money despite a couple of flaws.
  • Another test and another update....

    @woodbar my Pegasus can definitely do temp control...

    I went in to my local shop after work today to top up on some juice, they now have the Pegasus for sale and have been testing their own unit. It was using another brand of tank with nickel coil and working fine - so the guy let me test that tank setup on my Pegasus.
    At first it didn't detect the resistance - I had to take off the tank and fire, getting the check atomiser message. I then reattached the tank and the resistance was correctly detected. I fired and successfully changed into temp mode and took a good hit (at 400F).
    As I was in a shop and other customers were arriving and needing attention I didn't have much time to go through in more detail, but everything seemed to be working as I'd expect and I'm happy to say I'm feeling a little more confident about buying some Nickel Coils now :)

    I did notice that when swapping back to wattage mode I had the same issue where I had to remove my Triton, fire the Pegasus to get the check atomiser message then reattach and it then changed mode back to normal mode without trouble.
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    @Viruk Thanks for that - glad you are further forward.

    Actually I just turned the PC on to reply to you as I THINK I HAVE SOLVED THE PUZZLE of the Pegasus not switching to TC mode sometimes!

    Funnily enough it was a suggestion I made on another thread this morning and I got feedback that it worked.

    I have just made a TC Ni build in the RTA and put it on the Pegasus - decided it was about 0.19 ohms BUT when you want it to IT WOULD NOT do the 30 watt test so was just staying in wattage mode - when you DON'T want it IT does it EVERY time!!!!!!

    Anyway the cure seems to be - open the battery door, wait a few seconds, close the battery door - then it recognises the Ni coil. Now I know this is very technical and should only be attempted by people fully versed in changing the battery on the Pegasus ;))

    Don't like it much - now where did I put that 1.8 ohm Kanthal?
  • No, don't like the TC on this build so I have put the 1.8 ohm back and none of the tricks would get it out of TC mode

    I had to do the burn-up routine to get it to recognise the coil and switch from TC to Watts and I can tell you the coil was cooking before it switched.

    This way of switching is an absolute pile of ***** - and bearing in mind that when I ordered my Odyssey kit I was not even expecting TC mode (it was not on the spec then and had not been mentioned) I am pretty peeved!

    To add insult to injury I was not really concentrating when I removed the RTA and unscrewed the middle joint by mistake - so my build is ruined - don't think I will try it again soon anyway!
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    @woodbar I just stick to sub ohm coils on the Pegasus where I want to fire at or around 30 watts or more anyway - I just don't bother putting my nautilus on there at all. For my tritons and the RDA its a great mod, I stick to other mods for anything requiring much less than 30 watts
  • @Viruk Yes, well I am doing the opposite, sticking to high value coils and remembering to do one of the tricks to stop the dreaded burn-up.

    The point remains we are both having to compromise the way we use our Pegasus when it was advertised and supplied as a "do it all device"?

    Any one (in the UK) want a Triton RTA and 1 x Ni200 0.15 Triton coil?
  • @woodbar I'd be tempted with the RTA - certainly the Ni200 coil
  • Blimey, that was a quick reply!

    Does this site do PMs - I noticed there is a "message" button in the profile page - does that do it?
  • @woodbar I went to bed after that last post lol - your reply was quick after that!
    Yes - the message button in the profile does that :)
  • Well my Pegasus has become a paperweight. I went out and bought an istick 40 TC that has temperature control that actually works and you can switch back and forth from wattage/voltage to TC at the touch of a button. The istick is lovely to hold in the hands and fires correctly every time. I don't have to "hope" that it doesn't fire at 30w on one of my coils now.

    Whilst I love my Atlantis and my Nautilus I will never buy another battery/Mod from aspire again. Awful design and by the looks of things it won't even firmware upgrade either as when plugged into the PC it only charges.

    Once bitten and twice shy springs to mind for me.

    All the best everyone.


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    @Madboy Sorry to hear that, but I am not surprised - I also have the 40W TC, they are very good aren't they - and I have pre-ordered an eVic VTC mini as well so I hope that is as good as the hype when it gets here. Blimey I think I will end up with more mods than I have tanks to put on them.

    I need even more sympathy because I previously bought the ESP 30W as well because it looked nice in the pictures and I fancied the twisty knob on top - it's OK but very, very basic and looks better in the photos! So I am also totally "off" Aspire mods in the future no matter what wonderful features they might have!

    @Viruk Yes it was a bit late - I will PM you then.
  • @woodbar The thing is all the hype behind it and really poor poor software has really let it down. I hope people come to these forums first before buying the Pegasus. Legally Aspire haven't done anything wrong and that's the thing that really sticks in the throat. As said, I hope prior to buying I hope people do their research and stumble across these posts. If I didn't have the money, I would be on to customer support, however, what I hear is their CS is not that good. @woodbar I have seen yours and other posts about tapping once, great tip, but if people don't know about that, they frag their coil and a new one is needed. That's just not really fair when they are £2 each, well a little more but still adds up.


  • @Madboy Yes I agree, trouble is I doubt a huge percentage of prospective buyers will find this forum first - maybe?

    I don't know about illegal but certainly as far as the UK is concerned, for me, when I ordered my Odyssey it was listed as purely a VW device - when it arrived it had the TC function added (OK, don't mind extras) BUT in such a way that it makes the VW capability "flaky" or dysfunctional, depending on your viewpoint - this means it is "not as described or fit for purpose" and is therefore in contravention of various Trading Standard requirements.

    Of course, they probably do not apply in China, so if I do not get any response from Aspire I may tackle PayPal for a refund or some recompense.
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