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Today at work, I over herd a fellow co-worker discussing vaping with someone else at work that vapes. They sounded interested and told me that they were willing to try something to help them quit smoking and were interested in trying out vaping. With my knowledge of from being very active in the vape community, I found myself poised to help someone that wanted to change a bad habit. I made them a deal. If they gave me only $30, I would put up the rest to get them started. If they decided that they did not like it or it just wasn't for them, I would give them back the $30 in exchange for the equipment back. It is basically making it a no risk deal for them.

With this being said, if e-cigs and vaping has worked for you to quit or stay away from tobacco, we should all look to help those that are interested in quitting. The best way to help someone quit is to sponsor and encourage them to do what is needed to quit. By putting together a starter kit like I am doing for this co-worker, you can use the knowledge you already know to help them to get a device and tank that would be more suitable for someone starting out. You can make sure that they will get a tank that will give them a decent vape without being what we call in the USA: Gas Station Special(usually an eGo with a generic ce4 that is very restrictive on air flow and very bad coils). So please, if the opportunity comes and you can help someone get on the path to stop smoking, it will be very rewarding in the end.
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  • @midnightwolf You are so kind-hearted =D>
    I will pass your kind suggestion to our manager.
    Hope more and more people can use aspire products to quit smoking and get health .
  • Great idea @midnightwolf! I have already paid it forward to a smoking co-worker....I gave her all of my Smokeless Image Volt cigalike batteries, chargers and cartos with charging case and she is loving it! :-bd
  • I have also have been doing the same thing. Good job everyone! :-bd
  • My two premium kits are currently out on loan. I also custom mixed 30mm of liquid for them, as you can't try before you buy at the B&M's any more.
  • Nice idea @midnightwolf

    I've not quite gone that far to sponsor people - but I have showed and let people use my gear and then helped them with orders. The nautilus is the most popular starter tank from my recommendations, but three people have quickly moved on to Atlantis or Triton tanks - although sub-ohm is not for everyone!

    I took one colleague down to the local B&M today to give him some support in picking out what he wanted and to reassure him that the advice given in the store was good :)

    I think sharing knowledge and helping people with either loan/gifted equipment or helping them select and giving them information to help their choice is a great way to help others make the switch off cigarettes.
  • @midnightwolf

    Your suggestion really works. A coworker was trying to get me to quit smoking and went and bought me an istick 30. I wasn't getting what I needed out of the Kanger T3s that she had put on it and had heard such great things about the Nautilus Mini. I bought the Nautilus Mini and that is the day that I completely quit smoking altogether. I needed that nudge from my coworker to set me on that track though. I had tried ecigs before but only came away from them frustrated. The taste from the Mini was so good that the regular cigarette just made me mad. I am thinking of getting a Triton now, very strongly, because I am after even more flavor but do not want clouds.

    I am also currently trying to get my husband to quit smoking and start vaping. He is a heart patient and I feel that if he is going to smoke, this is a much healthier option. He currently has my old Kanger tank and is coming away as frustrated as I was.
  • Yeah, this is a fabulous idea. I gave away my two evods to one smoker, and my old MVP with Protank to another. I got to get rid of my old kanger stuff, and felt good about the donation. I also had to mention that if they liked vaping, they should invest in a Nautilus system ASAP. Still the best beginner tank ever, IMHO.

    The first person ended up with a CF VV and Nautilus mini. The second is moving away in a few days but still vaping. :) I am also supplying them with some juice to get them started. One of the perks of DIY juice. :D

    Now if I can just get my wife and mother in law to make the switch... Sigh...
  • watkijw said:

    ....they should invest in a Nautilus system ASAP. Still the best beginner tank ever, IMHO.

    I would put it the other way: Nautilus is the best tank to begin with if you want to be serious in your attempts to quit smoking. It is the one that is not just a toy but really produces some flavour and clouds as well. Even though I started with aspire vivi nova and its clones I quickly moved to Nautilus and it works for me ... .well, almost :-)
  • Just an update - I got my old Kanger stuff back after that person upgraded to a Nautilus mini and CF VV mod... Now if I can find another smoker to turn... LOL

    A local B&M is running a Sponsor a Smoker event. Every month they choose one name and give them a starter kit. Every week for a month they get two replacement coils and a bottle of juice. All of this is free! I think it is an awesome idea, and it is spreading. :)

    Also, another local B&M gives a special discount to anyone in a recovery program. The ideas just keep coming...
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