Pegasus Battery Life

Since the Pegasus now has Temp Control, I am thinking of getting one. My question is how is the battery life on this device? Yes, I know that it will vary depending on what 18650 I choose to place in this device. Because of this please list the battery you are using with the device. I primarily will be using an Aspire 40A, Sony VTC 5, and Samsung 25r for the device if I get it. Hopefully that will help.
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  • For our Pegasus mod,we suggest our 18650,2500mAh,20A battery.
    If the maximum output wattage exceed 70W,we will suggest our 18650,1800mAh,40A battery.
    Our 18650,1800mAh,40A battery is design for high drain (high discharge current) electronic device.
    Look forward to hear your advisable advice. :-/
  • Right now, I'm using the Aspire 2500 mAh 20/40 A battery in my Pegasus. I've been using the RTA and making my own coils around 1 ohm. I go all day on one charge.

    Just like the 1800mAh battery, the 2500 mAh has such a nice and flat discharge curve to it. Only when I get the "Throttled" reading is when it drops off. Then it's time to charge, or swap out the battery.
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    @midnightwolf I've been using the same 2500 MaH battery @Guz mentioned and its been lasting really well. I took the Pegasus with this battery (basically fully charged) out with me on Saturday early evening and I was still vaping fine on it on Sunday afternoon when I returned home. This wasn't the only mod I had with me, but it got lots of use and the battery kept up fine :)
  • @Joel360 I just got an iPV 4S and ordered 18650 Samsung INR18650-25R R5 2500mAh (GREEN) High Discharge FLAT Top batteries, as they were recommended by the shop. I would think the iPV 3Li uses the same? Can't wait to really test the Ti coils, and finally solved an airflow issue in my Kayfun 4. New builds this week! LOL

    I REALLY want to get some working Ti builds on the 4S and try to mimic the results on the Pegasus. Hopefully I can give some advice about Ti builds for that battery...
  • @Guz Thanks for the reply. It seems like that will do nicely then And give about the same battery performance of my IPV Mini 2. Looks like it might be my next purchase.
  • I ordered Imren 3000mah 40amp batteries for my Pegasus hopefully they send it soon want to do a review on it.
  • The Imren batteries rated at 40A are not true 40A batteries. I have had pretty good luck with them though. I have the purple 40A batteries they make and have used them in cloud comps. They are some of the better batteries.
  • Right on thanks wolf wasn't sure how they were.
  • What are the best batteries for ipv3li?
  • Not sure but I use Samsung 25r in my Sigelei 150. Id think the 2500mAh Aspires would work fairly well but have yet to use them.
  • That would be great thanks.
  • That would be great thanks.
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