My Pegasus Review with Pictures

I received the Pegasus, Charging Dock, Battery and an Adapter Tip for the Atlantis V2.

1st Box: Pegasus Box Mod, USB Cable, Battery (18650 2500 Mah Li-Ion)installed and instructions
2nd Box: Charging Dock

After unboxing, I checked and found the Battery installed inside the Pegasus and clicked the fire button. The display immediately powered up, no hesitation showing 0.00 Volts, 9.99ohms and 30 Watts power. Since I knew I would be using a Nickel Coil, I looked for instructions on how to turn on Temp Control

TIP: Back page of Pegasus Manual states Temp Control is detected when you press the "Fire Button" for Three Seconds. Please make sure you have an atomizer on the Pegasus at the time(I didn't) or nothing will change. Also, once removed and you use another tank with the same type of coil, the initial resistance will read the same as the last coil initially (so it does have some memory retention).
If using a Nickel Coil, it is recommended to use it at 460 to 520 degrees, this made my Triton very hot to the touch. I reduced the Pegasus to 420 degrees (as recommended by the coil manufacturer and vaping was normal). I noticed some ohm fluctuation as I was vaping but I believe that is due to the heat produced (I will do further research).

Pegasus Features:

Adjustment Gear - Sturdy, will need a little nudging in the beginning due to being new, wheel turns between adjustments were solid and the screen stayed clear to see each adjustment. I like the wheel stiff due to no accidental adjustments can be made (clicking the fire button 5 times will lock the Pegasus). Click 5 more to unlock.

Fire Button -- Some movement when pressing with my thumb but not enough to call it loose (this is determined by personal preference).

Display --Bright and Clear.

Battery Indicator --- Not a FAN!!! The Battery indicator will flip upside down or right side up based on how your display is facing. For me (I'm left handed), I must flick my wrist to the right in order for the battery indicator to show right side up. Otherwise, it will stay upside down.
Explanation: If the bottom of the F (indicating degrees) has the bottom part of it facing to the right, your battery will indicate "right side up". If the bottom of the F is facing to the left, your battery indicator will be faced down. Thus, will an unknown flick to the wrist, you could change the direction the battery indicator faces.

Outer Surface: Very Elegant, Shiny but Very Slippery if you have anything on your hands like E-Juice. Bottom slides on plastic picnic tables easily which I feel can eventually damage the bottom of the mod. So straight to the charging dock it must go. My fingerprints are everywhere so this will need to be wiped down constantly to keep its shine.
Recommendation: This device needs a silicone sleeve to protect Yesterday!!!

Charging Ports: Both located in front (mod and charging dock) which is convenient.

Charging Dock: Very Sturdy, Rubber feet don't slide on plastic tables. Pegasus tends to fall over (top heavy) if not placed in the charger precisely (especially if it has a tank on it).

Battery Door: Excellent but needs better indicators about which way the battery should be facing when inserted.

510 Connection: No problems with my Triton or my Atlantis V2

Initial Vape Test:
E-liquid: Pinup Vapors Betty 80VG/20PG
Coil: Vapor Shark 0.15 Nickel
Temperature: 420 degrees (Pegasus manual recommended between 460 and 520 but it was too hot--Vapor Shark recommends 420 degrees and it worked much better and much cooler- Triton was almost too hot to touch)
Air Flow: Top Closed, Bottom Wide Open
Results: Best taste I have ever had out of this juice, discovered new flavor profile in it and vaped very smoothly-- 460 degree recommendation burned my juice and coil (in my opinion). Tried Vaping with top and bottom open at 460, it is too hot.

Atlantis V2 Vape Test
E-liquid: Pinup Vapors Betty 80VG/20PG
Coil: Vapor Shark 0.15 Nickel
Temperature: 420 degrees
Air Flow: Top Closed, Bottom Wide Open
Results: Some Gurgling, taste not as profound (could be the coil), lots of clouds( same as Triton). Taste of E-Juice was better with Top and Bottom airflow open...

Conclusion: Great New Box Mod, looks great and works extremely well. Display change parameters need to be changed ( I think it was made with right handed persons in mind). Need a Silicone Sleeve to protect from wear and tear. Fire button needs stiffening. Adjustment Gear is excellent and may be the best part besides the power of the battery.
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  • @pia, looks like changes will have to be made, like adding a menu option, coils cost too much.
  • Additional information: After further review at 420 degrees with stealth vaping (very little time between vapes), Pegasus gets hot to the touch and the Triton gets hotter than the Pegasus. I will do additional heat testing with the Stainless Steel Coils designed for the Triton and give a further review. The Atlantis V2 seems to have no trouble with heat build up while vaping.
  • Nice review there @milmil0428 very informative! My initial review does not include the TC feature as I received mine pretty early on and the Pegasus had not been upgraded for the TC. I like it without TC anyway as I really don't care for that feature. But I do like how informative your review was regarding this upgrade of the Pegasus mod. Good Job! :-bd
  • More Pictures: Pegasus with Atlantis V2 and Triton (with Water on it). Wiped it down so the fingerprints don't show as much.
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  • I am using more juice with this mod....anyone else notice a change in the level of juice they are using? The Triton with the Pegasus...juice says "Bye Bye". Maybe I am finally vaping at proper temperature and the juice is responding accordingly. :D
  • Update:
    Triton Aspire 0.4 coil Kanthal (preused-Used 2 days before Nickel Coils purchased)
    E-liquid: Pinup Vapors Betty 80vg/20 VG
    Wattage: 30 Watts
    Airflow: Top Closed, Bottom Open
    Results: Pegasus was cool(not warm to the touch), Changed from Nickel to Wattage within 3 seconds (changed from 400F to 40W upon attaching the tank and pressing the button). 40W was warm for me so I adjusted to 30W.
    After about 5 vapor pulls, gurgling subsided 90 % and vapor was cool, tank warm (not hot to the touch).
    Despite my coil being rated at 25-30W, I adjusted the Pegasus at 35W , it provided a more complete and smoother vape. I did not see a ramp up to 35W(unlike my Joyetech, it continually adjusts), the Pegasus fired immediately and I did not feel a decrease in power. It is a toss up between Wattage and Temp Control with Wattage settings winning right now.
  • Anytime that you subohm vape the juice will be used up much faster (you're getting bigger clouds so it has to go somewhere 'eh?) I first noticed this with my Atlantis tanks....drinks the juice but excellent flavor and clouds for days! :D
  • @charlzrocks, I did take the time to compare my Joyetech to my Pegasus in voltage/wattage mode and both are giving the same range of vaping at 30 Watts: between 3.33 and 3.39 Volts, .38 to .40 ohms on the coils( Kanthal). So I guess I am good for right now. I still think the Pegasus pulls more flavor. The Joyetech is a 5000mah all inclusive battery so I am really interested in electrical spec comparisons
  • Right on overall good review it sounds like. ^#(^
  • Oops wrong smiley. :-bd
  • Question to Forum: How do we turn off the Pegasus or is the battery constantly draining if not on the charging dock or USB charging? I could find no answer to this question in the manual. Can this be a potential hazard if you have not locked the device by clicking 5 times? Also, as far as the heat buildup, I only see vents near the battery, could this be part of the issue?
  • @ milmil0428 Clicking the button five times within two seconds will either lock or unlock the Pegasus. When the device is locked the display will read “LOCKED CLICK 5X”. While in this locked state the mod will not fire nor will the gear allow you to adjust the wattage setting. What's more,The display will shut off after the mod is unused for one minute. The discharge current will then drop below 100 UA.
  • piapia
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    @milmil0428 : have you tried kanthal cotton-whicked coils ? And if so , didn't your classic coils suffer from the 30W they get at first fire ?
  • @pia, have not tried my kanthal coils yet, I have to travel today so I will try them once I get there and give a report. I agree with you, you should not have to hold the fire button for 4 seconds to change from wattage to temp control especially if you can't see the screen, it is a waste of a hit and in your case, burns the coil.
  • @milmil0428 i'll be happy to read your report !

    Thinking about those who use the Triton with 1.8ohm OCC (Odyssey kit orders also) the coil should not suffer from the 30W power; but those who use the RBA with 0.20/0.30 wire, or other devices such as protanks ?
  • @charlzrocks, Yes it does, I like the great flavor provided by a great mod...No Mod is perfect but I guess that is why we are here B-)
  • For me it's all a learning experience since this is my first box mod. My Pegasus/Triton/Charging dock is identical to yours in the photos that you posted, Silver, Sleek and Sexy. I do have 2 Aspire CF subOhm batteries and Atlantis tanks so that is what I have to use as a comparison. So far, it's all good for me. :-bd
  • Thanks for the comments Joel360, and Congrats on the win!!
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