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Some of you have already received your Aspire Pegasus Temperature control mod. We cannot wait to hear your thoughts, opinions, and feedback. With that in mind please share your review with us, and with your friends. For these reviewers who really put forth a amazing and well thought out. We will then pick the 10 best reviews and give those people a special code to receive our next product upon it’s release.
Whether it is a text or video review doesn’t matter.If it is a text review,it is better to attach a picture for your aspire Pegasus Temperature control mod,what's more,it should be no less than 200 words.
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  • Dear All,
    Thank you for sharing your amazing reviews with us.
    We will post the winners later.
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  • @BeccaKurtich I am sorry to hear that.
    Would you please take a picture to show what you have received?
    I will check with our online store support
    Or would you please send a email to our online store
    Attach the picture.
  • @Tina I sent a email with the pics of contents in the box thank you for the quick response
  • @BeccaKurtich sorry for the delay.
    I will check with our online store support and answer your email.
  • For this review I used the following:

    Pegasus 70w VW/TC Device,
    The operating range is from 1w - 70w. Resistance range from 0.2 - 5.0 ohms.
    Height 91mm by width 45mm.  
    Temp control range 200°F - 600°F

    Battery used: Aspire 2500mah 18650 battery 40/20

    Triton tank with 0.3 coil
    Eliquid: Blue Slush by Terrys incredibly tasty sauce. 70/30 Vg/Pg  3mg nic

    Arctic tank with 0.2 coil
    Eliquid: Cola gummy by Terrys incredibly tasty sauce. 70/30 Vg/Pg  3mg nic

    Sigelei Elite tank with ni200 coil
    Eliquid: Purple Lemonade by Angelic Clouds 70/30 Vg/Pg  3mg nic

    Nautilus mini tank with 1.8 coil
    Eliquid: Solstice by Space Jam
    70/30 Vg/Pg  3mg nic

    Starting with the packaging of both the Pegasus and the charging dock. I was really impressed with the boxes that these came in. Really nice solid box with the brand and model embossed onto the lid. Open the Pegasus box to first reveal the instruction booklet (which is always a good place to start) underneath that is a beautiful looking mod just shining at you and waiting to be picked up. Upon taking the mod out it reveals another layer to the box containing the bright orange charging cable (not one your gonna lose easily).
    Moving on to the desktop charging base box. Yet again another solid box this one has a diagonal opening lift off lid. Inside is an equally beautiful shiny charging base. It is a very sturdy design and has a good weight to it. The cut out for the Pegasus is very clean and a perfect fit.

    Having a look at the Pegasus and I love the brushed chrome finish although it maybe a fingerprint magnet it looks great. Now before I start I need to put a battery in and that is easy thanks to the simple and hassle free spring loaded slide open battery door on the bottom of the Pegasus. Once the battery is in and the door closed you get the display reads 'Aspire' as it starts up. You are then presented with a screen that shows battery level, wattage, ohms and voltage.
    Can I just say at this point this screen is great. The brightness is going to be perfect in any condition. 

    For the Pegasus to recognise what type of tank you are using you need to hold the fire button down for roughly 3 seconds and in that time Pegasus shoots a 30w pulse to the coil to read if it's a tc tank or not. Once it recognises the type of tank Pegasus will either go into temp control mode or stay in wattage mode.

    So the first tank I'm going to use is the Triton. Setting the wattage is easy using the adjustment wheel. Turn it slowly and it'll go up in single watts, turn it faster and it'll go up in units of ten. I've set the Pegasus to 50w which I found to be my sweet spot with the Triton. Press the fire button and it's great the power is perfect the button feels great no rattles and response is immediate. I continued using this set up and found it worked perfectly neither the Triton or Pegasus got too hot and the battery lasted just over 8 hours.

    Next I changed battery and switched to the Arctic tank. I adjusted the wattage up to the full 70w to see how the Pegasus could handle it. The battery only lasted just under 6 hours this time but running higher wattage it's gonna drain faster. I also found that both the Arctic and the Pegasus did get quite hot especially if I pulled 7 or 8 hits to close together. Once the battery gets to low to fire at the full wattage you have selected it still fires but it lowers the output but without adjusting the user setting. So once a fresh battery is inserted or its charged it will continue at the wattage you previously selected.

    Ok so now with the battery fully charged again I'm now switching to the sigelei elite tank with ni200 coil to test out the temp mode.
    The first time I put this tank on and done the 3 second fire button hold it didn't read it as a tc tank so I took it off and tried again this time it did change into temp mode.
    The screen now displays battery level, ohms, the max temp selected by user and the current temp.

    I've set the temp to 460°. Once I press the fire button the current temp display goes up until it hits 460°  it then seems to pulse to retain the selected temperature. The flavour and vapour produced at this temp isn't the greatest to be honest. So I keep adjusting the max temp until I reach 600° now the flavour is still great and the vapour is much better. Battery life was really good and lasted nearly 9 hours.

    Next up is the little tank test. I'm using my nautilus mini with 1.8 ohm coil. As I was using temp mode previously I now need it to return to wattage mode. So press and hold the fire button for 3 seconds and it has switched over although I think the 30w pulse isn't the greatest idea as this coil isn't designed to go that high effectively your shooting a burst of power through it at double it's recommended range and although my coil was fine after I can imagine this causing some wicking to burn if the coil and wick aren't fully soaked. Anyway back to the test. The battery life at 12w running the nautilus was amazing it lasted roughly 21 hours over a period of 2 days.
    So to the pro's and con's
    The pro's: looks definitely as this is an eye catching mod, battery life I think was average for sub-ohming but great for the mouth to lung vaping, ease of use, the battery door as I love how quick and easy it is to drop out one battery and slide the next straight in and carry on vaping and of course the screen as it is so bright it's great in all conditions.
    The con's: the way it switches between temp and wattage mode I don't like as I'd sooner be able to click the fire button a number of times rather than the 3 second pulse fire and also in temp mode I'd like to be able to set how many joules it uses to reach the desired temp. Lastly is the lovely brushed finish although I had this as a pro it is also a con due to the fact it scratches really easy which is a shame because then you've got a great looking mod spoilt by scratches. Perhaps a stronger coating on it or include a silicone case like some other brands do.
    Final verdict would I buy another one or recommend it to others ?
    Hell yeah I've already got one for my wife and recommended to fellow vaper's as the pro's far out weigh the con's and to be honest the con's are not major issues once you get used to them. I have now made this my everyday mod. So well done Aspire great battery mod and hopefully with a few tweaks to tc mode on future models you'll be back on top of the market again.
    I hope all that read this review find it to be fair and honest.
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    5312 x 2988 - 5M
  • Thank you Aspire for inspiring us to quit smoking cigarettes and get us to try some of the best E-vape products on the Market ! . Good reviews everyone . Congrats to the winners
  • @Tina, Can't wait to see the new product!!! Thank you for the win....I am humbled. :D
  • Woohoo, I haven't been on much lately due to illness and this is a great thing to see now! I can't wait to see what the next great product will be!!! :-bd
  • @watkijw hope you are feeling better now.
  • Thanks guys, I have a minor surgery scheduled for tomorrow, but it should relieve my symptoms and promises to be a speedy recovery. :)
  • @watkijw I hope all turns out well for you. :)
  • Hi @Tina with all these new things being released which item do the winners of this receive ? Triton 2 ?
  • @Tina any idea when we will receive our code?
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    Dear Winners,

    Thank you for taking part in this activity.
    Now our new product (aspire Proteus and aspire triton 2 tank has released),please contact me by email to send your choice.
    I will give the real code to you.
    We will reserve the right to you until October 20,please hurry up to tell me your choice.

    Thank you again for taking part in this activity.

    Best Wish
  • You can guarantee that if I do purchase one, there will be another epic review coming your way. Still have not decided on it though. The Temp Control is what now has me interested but still not sure.
  • I think I am with you on that wolf.
  • Mine will be with me today. So I'll post a review here once I've had a couple of days use

    Hello everyone! I've been following aspire for a good year now, and I tell you what, there products have become SUPER advanced, a company that was once behind Kanger, is now a true market leader, not just in products, but also research, design marking and there distribution network.

    So! After have multiple Atlantis's and the CF max, i was very excited by the release of the triton, however, there was no Aspire product, capable of powering such a complex, high end user tank.

    Upon the release of the Pegasus, I noticed the give away, shocked by this crazy deal, I hopped onto it straight away! After a week or two and aspire modifying the device, it's finally here!!!

    First thing; packing! Wow SEXY! The boxes were a true compliment to both the Mod and the charger dock, I went to my local vape store, bought a brand new triton, some high VG juice, and began!

    The feel of the triton is flawless, the button and rotation wheel is solid, and provides no rattle!
    The 70watt is massive, and truly makes the most out of the tritons could power. The 20/40 amp battery is plenty powerful enough to for many hours of vape.

    The temperature control is blessing! The interface is clean, easy and simple to use!

    Add in the automatic screen rotation and the BEAUTIFUL Charging dock, aspire have not just invented a new product, but once yet again pushed the vape industry into a whole new direction.

    No one will match this!

    Thanks Aspire

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  • @Tina was wondering if I was only one who did not receive the charging dock with the shopping spree give away ? Please let me know something I think there was a error in this matter, I received the battery and the Pegasus plus the classic sleeve I won in another review but no charging dock :(
  • My Aspire Pegasus arrived yesterday while I was at work. Having grabbed the packaged the minute i walked through the door, I got set on opening it.

    The first thing i see is 2 smart looking black boxes with the writing embossed into the top. My first thoughts were, maybe it would look a little better with the embossed writing in a different colour to the box so as it would stand out more.
    photo 2015-08-21 16.15.47_zpsi2ezqfol.jpg

    On opening the first box, firstly, you come across the instruction manual, which is simple and easy to understand.
    You then reveal the Pegasus itself. Under the mod is a small box with a bright orange USB cable. Personally, i would have preferred just a plain white or black, but that is just my personnel preference.
    photo 2015-08-21 16.16.14_zps9thhiwl7.jpg

    The finish on this mod is stunning, nice and smooth with no overhang on any of the edges. The top is chrome with a spring loaded 510 connector. On the chromed base, you have the sliding battery door, which closes very firmly, and also has battery vent holes, along with the 2 nodes for charging through the dock.

    The front panel houses the USB charging port, the easy to read screen, along with the fire button. The button is nice and clicky, with no rattle. The dial to adjust the wattage (or temp in temp control) is firm enough not to accidentally turn, but loose enough to adjust easily. It adjusts in 1w increments, but if you turn the dial quicker, it jumps up the watts quicker.
    The auto rotate screen works perfectly, flip the Pegasus over and the screen flips instantly.
    I have put an Ni200 coil on, pressed fire for a few seconds, and the Pegasus recognised the coil and changed over to temp control no problem. I am yet to test the dry cotton burn test.

    photo 2015-08-21 16.20.56_zpsuvp9xsdf.jpg

    photo 2015-08-21 16.21.06_zpsp3sob08m.jpg

    The charging dock box opens diagonally to reveal the nice looking dock which has a good weight to it and matches the brushed chrome Pegasus perfectly. The cutout on the top fits the Pegasus nicely with very little movement. The base has 4 foam grips.

    Overall, my first impressions of the Pegasus are very good.

  • @Tina When does this end? I ordered my Odyssey set yesterday and it probably wont be here until the end of this week. I would love to do a unboxing/review video for this!
  • @jgood787 we will wait for you,please don't worry. :D
  • @Tina Thank you so much I will start me review next few days SO far the Pegasus is GREAT
  • I would like to start off by saying I received the Pegasus with the Classic sleeve, I will be doing my review of these items today.....
    The Pegasus is a awesome little TC. Mod sleek and classy. A turn dial to turn temp or watt up and down is fantastic not very hard to turn but doesn't turn easy so no worries of the dial moving and changing settings while put away in pocket or bumping it. push button firing very nice easy to use like the fact it's not flush to the mod like the others,have had no problems of device firing on own ,great locking feature 5 clicks and your good to go.
    Now let's get to the display love it love it , large very easy to read , rotates for both right and left handed with no delay which to me is a plus.
    Now let me discuss the battery I have never used a removable batter before the Pegasus so to me was a little nervous well have to say very easy and now love the removable battery option don't have to ever worry about a dead charge at work charge Pegasus at night and always have extra 18650 on hand for an always vaping experience. The thumb push spring loaded battery compartment is very easy no tools just push and slide take out battery insert new that simple.
    Now I know a few people have been wondering about the TC control, I'm not getting into that I don't like TC due to having to use Nichel Coils and yet not enough study for me that they are safe, reason being I like the Pegasus I don't have to have it in TC I can stick with my Kanthal a coil I trust and just love.
    I told you all at beginning of my review I am using the Pegasus with the Triton classic sleeve, we all know the reviews of the Tritons so not gonna go into great details except the classic sleeve makes the whole set up come together with the whole sleek design, only problem I have with the sleeve hard to see how much juice is in the tank.
    Gonna finish this review with my pros and cons which I think will be a small list well least for the cons.

    PROS- Quick lock feature, Sleek design, Easy to read easy to use, New leading mod a job well done aspire

    CONS- Triton Sleeve hard to see through, Sleek design of the Pegasus makes for the finish to keep finger prints scratches easy so need protective case.

    With everything said I love my Pegasus and so happy Aspire is headed in the right direction now with their mods just like they always have with their tanks. Keep up the great work and keep wowing us all.

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  • @Tina, are our reviews of the Pegasus to go on this page or the review page? O:-)
  • So I need to repost my review to this page to be considered for the "Prize"? If so, I will have it reposted before the end of the night. So what happens to the reviews on the Aspire Review Page? Are they considered in the drawing or will they have to be reposted too? :-?
  • @milmil0428 For the Aspire Review Page,if any one has some reviews for aspire other products and post there.
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