nautilus mini coils "problem"

greetings from greece

first of all i want to apologise because i dont know if there is any thread or discussion for the discuscion i start because of my limited time...
to the point.
the last month i use nautilus mini and i am very happy with the device.
the only "problem" (if some one can call it as problem) i have met is the bvc coils it does not have standard range of voltage and-or standard dimention of holes for the e-liquid.
that cause me to change my vaping settings every time i change my coils and and until get use to one setting i must change again.
and i want to ask this is an issue of printing on the coils or is an authenticy issue.

thank you in advance.
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  • @flamegr there are different replacement coils for the Nautilus. There are both BVC and BDC coils, and they both come in 1.6 Ohm, or 1.8 Ohm resistances. Make sure you are ordering the same coil every time, and I have found very little difference between coils of the same rating (maybe a couple hundredths of an Ohm difference). My personal favorite is the 1.8 Ohm BVC coil. I believe there was a bit of a change when Aspire started using cotton wicking as well, so make sure you are getting the new coils.

    You can also authenticate your purchase online if you believe your purchase may be questionable.
  • thanks for the fast reply.

    as i sayd i use nautilus mini so i use bvc.
    i use 99% of the time 1.8 ohm coils i am talking about the voltage range on one coil is 3.2-5 volts on other 4.2-5 and on third one 3.2-6 volts... plus the eliquid chanels/holes on one is 0.9mm and on other is over 1.2mm
    i am mot talking about the differernce on the resistance but on voltage range on coils.

    in the box of nautilus it has 2 bvc coils of 1.8 ohm on the preinstaled it wrote 4.2-5 volts ond the other 3.2-6 volts
    thats i am asking about is typing wrong with the printing of the coil head or each coil has own range

  • Ahh ok, that is probably due to the upgrade of cotton wicking. You may have had some of the leftover older coils, and also some of the newer coils. This was a recent change, so some old product is still out there. Nothing to worry about, though. Keep buying from the same vendor, or from, and you start seeing more consistency. The newer cotton coils really are much better and last longer, although there is nothing "wrong" with the older coils.
  • By the way, I have a Nautilus in front of me now that I am vaping at 5.1 Volts and it tastes fantastic, even with a pure VG juice... :)

    I assume that the pre-installed coil is one of the older ones, and you may have to increase voltage just a bit for the newer coils. But you will not be disappointed in them.
  • thanks for the fast replies
    have a nice day
  • My pleasure - I hope you have a nice day as well. :)
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