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Aspire puts out a variety of affordable quality merchandise and they always try to bring forward new products!
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  • New products are always good news! I am still waiting to see if Aspire will produce an E-Pipe! [-O<
  • @exsmoker62 thank you so much for your praise. ;;)
    Aspire team is trying our best to R&D more and more perfect products for the customers, we will have some new models in nearly future, please kindly pay attention to our website, thank you!
  • Thanks for the info. ;)
  • LOL @charlzrocks still pushing for the e-pipe... :D
    I would love to see an e-pipe too, but it seems far-fetched since mods are getting more powerful, and more complicated with the TC option. I don't see them putting that much work into someting that can only take a 18350 battery... Personally, I would love to see an e-pipe with a 18650 battery, or some battery that is a bit shorter and fatter. But I would buy an e-pipe with a long "bowl" and maybe a longer 510 connecting "stem". Intriguing, but I'm not going to hold my breath for it. Then again, I am all worked up because my Pegasus should be showing up at my door in a matter of hours... 8-}
  • Wellll......just because it's an e-pipe doesn't mean that it has to have a 18350 battery! They could make the battery any shape and strength they want if it is a built in battery with a micro usb charging port. I think that it is still aviable idea the could come to fruition...I just have to wait and see, but I am still hopeful that Aspire will produce one. :-??
  • RDA RDA RDA RDA did I mention a RDA?
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