Damaged Aspire ESP 30w

Dear Aspire,

I have been a great fan of your product and that I have been constantly buy through you. However I had a incident with my Aspire ESP 30w mod recently. This is one of my 4 aspire mods.

At first the wattage adjustment knob was damaged. It fail to change the wattage even i tried many times to adjust it. It was stuck at 29 watts.

Then the worst of it the mod fell to the drain. Sighhh.... now the mod is not responding at all even I had sun dry the mod by not switch anything.

Please help me out on how to fix the mod. If it is to be fix how much will it cost.

One of your greatest aspire item fan.
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  • Here is something that you might want to try to dry out your mod. Fill a large jar with dry uncooked rice and put the mod in there and close the jar. Leave it there for a week or two. The rice has a tendancy to draw out moisture but it takes a while. I have heard that this works if you drop a cell phone in water, but you have to leave it in the rice for a long time.
  • Unfortunately I think it's fried. Think you might have to get a new one or now it's a good excuse to get the Pegasus.
  • @Joel360 I second that. This seems to be an excellent time for an upgrade with the new TC Pegasus! :)
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