18650 40A

I just bought this battery at a local shop when I saw that they had a couple in stock. I will say this. I am actually impressed with it. I was very skeptical about buying it at first. I have not tried it out in my mech mod tube yet. It is a hybrid type and am still skeptical about using it in it. I charged it up and put it in my IPV Mini 2. Primarily I use a Sony VTC 5 in it. In comparison, it is kicking the VTC5's ass. I am getting more of a consistent draw from my IPV Mini 2 and the battery life being 1800mAh seems like an understatement. With this battery you cannot look at it with the 1800mAh rating for battery life. You have to look at the discharge rate which is calculated to C. A Sony VTC5 would be rated to 11.5C. The Aspire 18650 40A is rated for 22.21C.The Watt Hour rating for a Sony VTC5 is 9.62Wh. The Aspire 18650 40A is rated at 6.66Wh. Here is where it gets tricky. Even though according to these ratings, it would seem as though the VTC5 is has a better capacity. Yes it does theoretically. It has a capacity of 2600mAh compared to the 1800mAh of the Aspire battery. This means that you can get 2.6A per hour with a Sony VTC5 for 9.62hours compared to 1.8A per hour for 6.66 hours with the Aspire battery. Since the Aspire battery is able to provide a higher discharge rate for this time period and a more stable discharge through the life of the battery, you actually use less power of the battery. Like I said it was a tricky. This is what can make it last longer even though it is a weaker battery in terms of Wh and mAh.

With all that technical babble said, here is what you really want to know. It actually gave my IPV Mini 2 a more stable Amperage and was able to use more of the battery life than the VTC5 since it supplied more Amps at lower voltage. The vape was more consistent. I can honestly say, I might be buying a married pair to see how they vape in my Sigelei 150 since it tends to cut off early of a lot of low ohm, high wattage builds.
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  • @midnightwolf thank you for your amazing review.
  • Lol I did battery research to help explain
  • You the man wolf :-bd
  • @midnightwolf that is all excellent information! You should become the resident Aspire Battery Guru! ^:)^
  • @milmil0428 I see you also received the 18650 battery that comes with the Pegasus. Have you noticed that when the battery is on charge in the Pegasus, the display that shows the charging battery notification, never seems to reach full charge.

    What i mean is the last 25% just keeps flashing as if charging. It never actually reaches and stays at 100% charge.

    Or is that just me??
  • @milmil0428 @PrudoKing The 75% flashing part is just an indicator that it is charging. I believe it was easier to program 3 or 4 charge indicators in the Pegasus than to try to show the actual charge level in the animation.

    To get it to fully charge, just let it sit. It will eventually show a full charge. I usually let it sit in the charging base when I go to bed. In the morning it shows a full charge.

    Also the reason why it takes so long to 'top off' the battery is that as it get close the full charge, the amps being supplied is automatically lowers to 'sneak up' to the max voltage. It's just how LiOn battery chargers work.
  • @midnightwolf , does this mean the 2500mAh battery we received with the Pegasus will have a better battery life or lesser battery life than the 1800mah?
  • A higher milliampere-hour (mAh) battery will last longer at the same power settings.
  • Yes, a higher mAh battery will last longer at the same power setting. The only reason it is lasting longer is the fact that it is supplying more Amps over the course of the battery and the device I used was able to make use of more of the battery due to the higher Amp requirements.
  • I have been using these 1800mAh ICR Aspire batteries for a couple of months now and I have been very happy with there performance and they do last a long time. The only thing I have noticed is that they do get quite a lot hotter than my IMR batteries and the base of my CF MOD can get really hot. Have you noticed anything like this?
  • I have not noticed it getting hotter than any of my other batteries. I do not have the CF MOD but on my IPV Mini 2 I have not really seen it get any hotter than my IMR batteries.
  • @PrudoKing , Yes I have noticed the display will stop flashing as if at 100% but the moment I take the Pegasus off the charger, take one puff and place it back on the charger, the charging display starts at 75% as if it was never fully charged despite being on the charger all night. [-( Not sure what to do about this. I guess my battery is having memory effect when it shouldn't. Any opinions out there?
  • @Guz, good to know. Thanks for the information on battery charging.
  • @Guz thanks. That useful. Appreciated.
  • I got this review from one of the workers at my local vape shop here in Columbus, MS. He usually vapes on very high powered devices so I asked him to do a review and this is it.
    " I don't normally do reviews, but these batteries are just that fantastic. The punch is there with 40a initial, and a 20a continuous and the battery life is good. What else can I say about them? These are my go to batteries for any device." This is coming from a guy who really does have his choice of battery power!
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