aspire ESP 30w check atomizer with Nautilus tanks

Was momentarily extremely excited to open up my new aspire ESP 30W only to find out I'm getting check atomizer errors on both my Nautilus and nautilus mini tanks. All codes check out as authentic so I know they're not knock offs. An email on the Aspire USA site referred me back to my online retailer without offering any troubleshooting.

Need help if I'm going to continue trusting the Brand
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  • @dhx711 I believe Aspire stopped making that mod some time ago. I have heard some issues with that model, and I would suggest you return it to the vendor. There are many other quality Aspire products, but that one seems to have been a bit of a flop.

    Have you looked at the Odyssey Mini kit?
  • dhx711 said:

    ... my new aspire ESP 30W ...

    Wonder where you got that, it's been out of the market for months nows.
    dhx711 said:

    ... An email on the Aspire USA site referred me back to my online retailer ...

    Just the normal procedure ...

    Can't help you, never got that problem, the two I own still work flawlessly since the beginning I got them, when they came out on the market. :D
  • I got mine 2 days ago. It locked up at 12 watts this morning. I found a lot of people posting the same problem but no solution other than try fully charging it, which I did with no success. I am going to try to exchange it for a new one, once. If the replacement locks up, I am done with Aspire. I am using a 0.5 ohm coil in at Atlantis I by the way. It won't drive a 0.3 ohm coil [as advertised] at all.
  • @WillyB
    I highly recommend that you return the mod to the place of purchase for a refund. I hate to say it but these mods have been having lock-up problems. Also the ESP 30 is no longer being sold in the Aspire online it would benefit you to get a Pegasus Mini as there is no dial involved and it's a much better mod in a smaller size with more power!
  • Both my ESP 30 mods do fire with a Cleito 0.2 Ohm on, although it's not much use at 30Watts, it works ! :D
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