Leakage in Nautilus Base

I bought the Nautilus a month ago.... When it works I love it, when it doesn't I hate it! When juice starts to get to 3 ml that's when the base starts to flood with juice, and leaks out of the holes, no vape, just a bunch of gurgling and spit up. I then disassemble, blow through the base to get juice out, cotton swap chimney and base, then put coil back into the base (tightly) as to avoid any juice to get in, then screw the tank. When I look at the seal, I can see a clear solid seal line all around the glass, which to me means it is sealed properly.... however after a few puffs, that sealed line starts to get juice and eventually it looks like the seal is not properly set in place. I have checked the chimney seal and it is nice and snug. Any idea's as to why this is happening? Would it be my seal that is defective or BVC that is leaking? The coil was bought from an authentic nautilus shop.... 20 years of smoking cigarettes, I decided to quit last month and vape instead, but it is giving me nothing but headaches, and honestly if I can't figure this out, I may just switch back to cigarettes. What are your thoughts? Any help from anyone would be immensely appreciated!!!
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    • @Sephira ...frankly, I have no idea why the airdraw got so tight, apart from a possibilty that the whole chimney from the base thru the coil and up to the driptip got clogged somehow. Try another coil, perhaps?
      Good online shop...? Won't help you much as I shop for my stuff either in brick and mortar places or online in a small central European country :-)
      Personally, I would not be afraid to purchase my goods from aspirecig on aliexpress, they got all you need (including all spare parts, see the "Parts for Atlantis&Nautilus" section) and seem to be an authorized seller if not Aspire themselves - anyway the ratings are good.
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      @Sephira Sorry, forgot to address the Ego-C Twist issue. From what I can find about these batteries it is possible to say that these are really basic stuff....while Nautilus is not, it deserves something more...huh....advanced :-) Ego Twists come in different capacities, from 650mAh to some 1100 mAh if I am not mistaken. You cannot run a Nautilus on 650mAh battery for too long, it will drain in no time, especially with Nautilus' lower resistance (1.8 or even 1.6 Ohm). Egos were made (ideal) for higher resistance coils (you do not need so much wattage /power pulled from battery/ to heat a high resistance coil so the battery will last relatively longer, being under less strain). You need something more "sturdy" (higher capacity battery), maybe some mod powered by 18650 battery (batteries). It will last longer, perhaps the whole day. Whatever you choose, however, will always be bulkier than an ego-c. Of course, your batteries may also be dying already, this depends on many things. Certainly, as you seem to be unable to charge them fully, this is an indication of this possibility.

      NOTE for geeks: I know I simplified the whole explanation, so those of you who know more than basics about the whole watt/volt/resistance/battery damn-complex issue, please do not call me names. I wanted this to be simple, even at the cost of being not exactly exact :-)
    • @Sephira I hope you have better luck with the subtank mini. I have had more issues with Kanger gear than Aspire by far, but I do have a subtank mini that has worked very well for me. Hopefully you don't have any more issues.

      One last update, I realized that I had replaced my Nautilus coil with a 1.6 Ohm coil, not a 1.8 Ohm coil like I thought. After cranking up the wattage to 23, I am no longer having issues with leakage. Personally, I have better luck with the 1.8 Ohm coils at about 18 Watts but I wanted to throw in that last piece of advice for the Nauties.

      Good luck to you, and beware discount gear! :D
    • Two suggestions:

      1. Make sure that the coil is properly seated in the base. I've noticed that some people just aren't tightening them enough.
      2. Increase the voltage/wattage. The newer Nautilus coils have be changed enough that they warrant higher power.

      The issue with all coils (doesn't matter who makes them), is that if the actual wire inside isn't doesn't get hot enough to completely vaporize the juice, the excess juice that gets sucked in to the coil has to go somewhere. Gravity does it job, and the excess juice flows to the base and out the airflow ring. Especially with vertical coils.

      There is truth about coils getting 'broken in'. That is the coil itself gets a caramelized coating of juice on it, and the cotton wick next to the coil also gets a slight build up. Which in turn slows the capillary action of the juice through to the center of the BVC. To speed up the process, try slowly workup the power setting to or slightly above the rating of the coil, for a bit. Then lower the power setting to your preference, on new coils.
    • @Guz great suggestions.
      @Sephira what kind of mod are you using? Don't give up yet, vaping only gets more enjoyable once you really get to know your equipment. Honestly, I have been using two Nautilus tanks for well over a year and I find them to be incredibly low maintenance, with a stable and delicious vape. I vape them at anywhere from 12 to 16 Watts, depending on my mood and juice.
      Hope that helps.
    • @Watkijw I am using an E Go C Twist... it only goes up to 4.8Watts =\ I guess that's the problem. I also use 80/20 Vg/PG juice. What Mod would you suggest?
    • @Guz I always keep the watts at max.... 4.8V but per @Watkijw it seems to me that I may have to switch my mod with another that has higher voltage. I love the tank when it works! But the gurgling and spitting drives me nuts. I have to shake it upside down a few times a day to get the excess juice out the airflow... unscrew the coil, dry up the base and reassemble. Coil is in there super tight, and the base I try not to over tighten cause I don't want to mess that ring up...in the end I just tighten everything so it is seal free. On a positive note... I'm still cigarette free! Just really want this thing to work for me all the time.
    • @Sephira don't give up! Your eGo goes up to 4.8 Volts, which is different than Watts. You will see a lot of discussion about Variable Wattage mods, and how many Watts are running on which coils, but honestly 4.8 Volts should be plenty to run a Nautilus. My first mod was a MVP that only went up to 5 Volts, and I didn't even run it that high with my Nauty.

      Having said that, you may want to take the next step to a VW mod. Since you are starting out, may just get something relatively cheap like an iStick. 20 Watts should be plenty for the Nautilus, but you might want to go for the iStick 30W, which is small but has a nice feel. Mine is still going strong after a year, and only cost about $25. I think the eGo was really made for evods and little protank-type tanks. A nice little VW mod will make your Nautilus come alive! :)
    • @watkijw Thanks for the info and differentiating the Watts vs Volts lol!! Totally appreciate it! I will get the iStick 30W and keep you posted. Hopefully it won't leak anymore. I also looked at the O Ring around the drip tip and it looks frayed... like little pieces of rubber sticking out when I put it together. I wonder if it isn't sealing right... I would have to try to get that checked out and find some new rings. I will change the coil today just in case that's my issue, although I just changed it last week. lol I am determined to make this thing work! =)
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      @Sephira: see this thread, my tip might help you:

      I vape my nautili around 4V-4.2V (wattage depends on the coil used - 1.6ohm / 1.8 Ohm at around 9.5W / 8.8W respectively) so I don't think a device with 4.8V max voltage would not work.
    • I just read that thread myself, and am surprised by the number of people with this issue. I find these tanks to be very low maintenance and very consistent. Contrary to Tina's advice, I use a max VG juice and it works very well for me. But I guess your experience may vary...
    • @watkijw
      Nautilus tank is great, no doubt about this. It just may need a little fix to prevent occassional gurgle whose frequency may depend on juice thickness (PG/VG ratio), vaping habits, temperature, pressure changes....when I got my first Nautilus, I got some infrequent gurgles so I looked for a solution and found the one I described in the other thread. No problems since then so I later fixed all my other six tanks as soon as I got them just to be on the safe side.... it was the first thing I did after unpacking each of them.
    • @ElGribo Last night I put 2 o rings on the coil as shown in your link..... and so far no gurgling or flooding in base!! I will check in again in a week to keep ya'll updated. @Watkijw The juice I have is 80/20.. more VG than PG... I find its thicker in consistency therefore shouldn't be the issue of my flooding. I also do mouth to lung hits.... so those bigger holes in the bvc might be the issue but that is covered with 2 rings now, allowing for tiny amounts of juice to go into the coil. Harder to pull air, but I don't mind it.
    • Just an FYI - I made a new juice that was 80/20 VG/PG. I kinda hate the taste of PG, which is why I usually go 100% VG. I have been vaping this juice in my good old Nauty I have been using for years. The first day was no problem, but on the second day I experienced some gurgling and it leaked about 1ml out of the base. This was an old coil, so I replaced it and on the second day it happened again. I am now finding that while I don't have any issues with max VG, even 20% PG is allowing these coils to leak. I really understand these frustrations now... :-S
    • @watkijw : That's really weird. I have been carrying 6 Nautili in a plastic toolbox in my backpack plus one on my mod around for quite some time, all the time running to catch a bus, jumping from walls and doing other exercise when seeking geocaches, throwing my backpack around...and no leaks, none at all since I added a sealing into the chimney of each tank. I vape 50/50 commercial juices, fyi. There must be a problem with your tank not holding negative pressure. I assume you checked that it was screwed together properly so I don't suggest you do that .... but a word is around that some of the tanks came with the upper o-ring fitted upside down and leaked because of this error in assembly. Have you checked that? When you unscrew the pyrex tank from the upper hardware, there is a silicone grommet around the chimney, similar to that one on the base, only smaller. The grommet shall be inserted with its small holes seated against the metal collar of the upper hardware (apparently that was not always the case and the tank leaked). Other than that I can only recommend you try to fix the tank by adding a seal into the chimney, see the link in my post above.

    • @watkijw and @Elgribo ... so far all good with my leakage problem. The two rings have helped tremendously.... but now I am finding that it is extremely hard to pull air even when on biggest air hole. Why is that? I changed coils... I think it may be the two rings lol. I tell ya guys, if it's not one thing it's another.

      Can you guys recommend a good online shop? I need to get authenticated bvc coils, the guy I go to ended up getting the fake ones without the mesh..... total bummer. He doesn't sell the rubber seal gasket for upper and lower hardware either which I am in desperate need of. I pretty much live in the boondocks therefore I think my only option is online shopping. Yet there are so many options out there, I don't know which sites to trust.

      Also..... not sure if this has anything to do with the 2 rings and having to pull harder, but I am finding that my E Go C Twist batteries aren't fully charging .. .I have to allow it to sit in the charger all night, and then it will only last half the day and I have to recharge again. I have 2 ego twists, so I interchange them... but having to charge both of them twice daily sounds a bit much. Could it be that I have burned them out already? I have only had them for about 2 months.
    • @ElGribo thank you for addressing the ego -c twist issue. I was really considering going Kanger, I will try a different mod before giving up. :)
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      @Sephira not@all. And I have a friend who bought a Kanger Mega Tank...well, ahem. He was more than happy to discover Nautilus :-) He had constant issues with that Mega tank - ohms floating around (bad design and assembly), poor quality vape, really thin clouds...ok, just my observation. I know some people love them Kangers. I do not trust them anymore.
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      @Sephira I haven't tried the o-ring fix, but I will just go back to max VG since I have had good luck with that. I know the tank is holding negative pressure, since I get a little "pop" when I unscrew the base. But no worries for me; I was just validating some of the issues with these tanks.

      As for an online store, are you in America? I like to use myvaporstore or myfreedomsmokes for my hardware. They have really good prices on genuine gear.

      Good luck and happy vaping!
    • @Elgribo @watkijw @guz ..... Update. So I purchased an ELeaf iStick 50W to add with my nautilus on the 16th. The first day, it was vaping great.... by morning there was juice all over the mod and desk. Mind you it was standing straight up and I even changed the coil the night before. Let's just say, that was my last straw. I purchased the Kanger Mini tank the very next day and so far no issues at all. None. No gurgling, spitting, leakage etc.... hopefully it will stay that way since I seem to have very bad luck with these things, but then again I also found a new vapor room in my area which I had no clue was there. I was told from them that the other store where I was purchasing my stuff were all fake duplicates.

      I am purchasing a nautilus mini for my mom from this new store, she too is going to quit smoking cigarettes, I have heard better reviews with the mini and hopefully won't give her issues. I don't think a kanger would be up her alley since she is a newbie and just now getting the hang of a smart phone lol Thanks guys for all the feedback and support. I am sure I will be visiting again. =)
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