Aspire Pegasus has got it own Temperature Control Wings?

Aspire Pegasus has got it own Temperature Control Wings?--I don't know now
On August 15th,2015 or next Monday,let's uncover the mysterious veil of aspire new Pegasus mod.
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  • Hi @Tina , so cool where i live the 15th of august is a saturday and there is less than 7 hours to wait =))

    Oh please we want to know more !!! :o3
  • That's awesome! Can't wait. ;)
  • Ooooo...Ooooo....a mystery! I love a good mystery!
  • Very nice, should work well with nickel coils?
  • I see Ni200 Coils on sale at Aspire USA for the Atlantis/Triton Tanks so it will definitely be paring nice with nickel coils. Also wondering if it will have a Titanium Coil option? Then the ASOLO was just released at ECC Expo in Cali, saw a review of a test unit and it has the ability of doing temperature limiting/control on Kanthal A1 Wire/Coils. You just have to Vape in VW mode for a few mins at your desired Wantage. Then switch it temperature mode, and it preprograms there own microprocessor in the Mod. It has three different power features kinda like the SX-Mine M Class but you set a % of Wattage Limiting (80%-110%) on Kanthal A1 Temperature Control on the ASOLO. So I truly see the Pegasus having a lot of features that could surprise use, especially with all the new technology being released. I personally can't wait to see what the Pegasus has in store for us?? X_X :D
  • @Tina will you have any Aspire temp control coils by the time the Pegasus is ready to ship? If so, I might need to edit my order and add some on!
  • piapia
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    OK so we are "next monday", we want to know everything about the "new" Pegasus !! :-SS

    I dream there would be a TC feature for Kanhal A1, as the iJOY Asolo has. =P~
  • Yes, August 15th and next Monday have now come and gone............... and................?
  • Wait for Tuesday ... ? ;)
  • .... or Wednesday, or Thursday, or Christmas.....?
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