Aspire - Please give us an update on the Triton issues


The response that you initially provided us with does not address the actual issues with this tank and or coils. We've given you all enough time to investigate and I have no doubt that by now you know exactly what is wrong with this tank. These are not isolated issues- something is broken on a large scale.

This is not something that we're going to simply forget about. It's time to come forward with an explanation of why so many of us are getting leaking and flooding issues and tell us what you are going to do to actually fix this.

Or, at least be honest and tell us that you're not going to provide a fix and we are all on our own.

Either way, it's time that you give us a serious update. If you want future products like the Pegasus to succeed, you need to start being more transparent.

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  • I also had problems with the 1.8 ohm coil that came with my Triton and tried 3 different juices with different PG/VG ratios and always had issues. I have two nautilus tanks so stuck to those for mouth to lung vaping - but I found I really enjoyed sub ohm vaping with the triton and have stuck to that far more than my nautilus tanks. I basically decided that I'd be sticking to the sub ohm coils on the Triton and I'm looking forward to trying the 0.3 ohm coils. My suspicion is that the first batch of coils could be (or even need to be?) improved, but I have had some really good experiences with this tank. That said, if sub ohm isn't for you then maybe this one just wont work for you - although I know of others on this forum who like the 1.8 ohm coils.

    There is always the option of a 1 ohm Atlantis coil - although my issue was that the draw wasn't tight enough for mouth to lung - another example of personal preference and taste coming in to play :)

    Its a shame to give up on a tank (or any piece of equipment), but ultimately you have to use whatever works for you - we're all looking for a satisfying experience not a frustrating one. Maybe this is just an example of the fact that no product can meet everyone's needs - that's what keeps the market innovating and gives us all the choice about what we vape on.

    Best of luck finding whatever will work you @drysprocket
  • @drysprocket May I make a suggestion? I too like the 1.8 ohm coils, quite a bit. Something I have recently been trying, that I've found to work is to start on a low end of the suggested wattage of the coil (10 W), vape for a bit, it will gurgle, and possibly spit. Then work up the wattage slowly over a couple hits. You might have to go above the recommended high end of the wattage (13W) till the spitting stops, then go back down to your preferred wattage.

    It's as if you need to break in the coil to get it to it's happy spot. Starting low and then going high, then back down in the wattage tends to speed up the process.
  • @drysprocket did you contact ?
    What was the result of that contact?

    I'm curious because I've gone through the process and I don't share the strength of feeling you have on this one. I can understand being frustrated, but I wondered if you could share your experience?

    I've posted quite a lot on other threads on this forum about my experiences - I'll link to them if you can't find them rather than repeat it here.
    If you were prepared to try this (I understand if you've lost patience though), I had success with an Atlantis 0.5 ohm coil in the Triton - maybe that's one more option available for you?
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    Thank you for your kind suggestion and kind remind.
    Since my last post:Triton leaking problem suggestion
    We did 200 more sample tests,followed up the user manual and the mentioned tips,until now,no leaking problem.
    As my last post said that If you followed up the user manual and above tips,you still get leaking problem,please feel free to contact our service(, they will talk your problems with our chief engineer.
    If you want to search for our service,please help us to provide below information:
    The detailed description for your problem
    what resistance of coil did you use have the leaking problem?
    Where it is leaking?
    What kind of battery did you use?What wattage did you use?
    What is the vg/pg of your e-juice?
    Did it leaking while you using the tank or did it leaking when you let it stand up unused?
    A picture for the security code of your product?
    What's more,please help us do some checks:Please take clear pictures of the base, middle, and top hardware together and apart. On the pictures of each piece please also make sure to include a clear image of the o-ring seals inside the base hardware and the seals on the drip tip airflow control system. what’s more, Please be sure to check the o-ring seal inside of the drip tip airflow control system as well. Finally try to give your glass a twist inside of the encasement. To make sure that if the glass tub moves easily.Please don’t twist the glass tube too hard, otherwise, you will break the glass tube.

    What's more,please pay attention to our General Forum Rules
    Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience you felt.
    Thank you so much for the supporting you have always given aspire.
    Best Wish
  • Well, I guess this means we're on our own. It's clear from other users experience that emailing about the problems will be a waste of time.

    No investigation or testing is required....I have two tanks and both of them flood immediately, every time. It's not just about the leaking- that is only a side effect of the larger problem with the tank over saturating the coils.

    I have recommended so many people to buy your products in the past, but going forward I will not buy another product from you again and will go out of my way to warn others away.

    Problems happen a lot in this industry, which is understandable. But it's how they are dealt with that matters. This is where Aspire continues to fail.

    Thanks Tina, I'm sure you mean well, but your company has burned me for the last time.
  • Thanks Viruk. I haven't gone through contacting them because of everything I've heard their customer service. It seems like a lot of effort for something that is clearly widespread and not limited to me.

    I also have 2 Triton's, each from a different vendor. I also have 4 5packs of 1.8 coils from 3 different vendors. All of this leads me to conclude this is not a specific issue to just me. New youtube reviewers are mentioning the issues, and countless people on here and other forums are as well.

    So maybe emailing them would help things, but I doubt it. If they've done 200 tests like Tina says and aren't finding problems...we obviously have a very different definition of what a tank should do. I've tested this thing like crazy doing nearly scientific level trials on it- nothing really works.

    And good suggestion about using the Atlantis coils, I've heard they do work well in it. The main issue for me is that I'm a mouth-to-lunger, and only use 1.8 coils. I just can't get into the sub-ohm world.

    The bottomline for me is 50/50 juice does not work on 1.8 coils on this tank. Higher VG juice works a bit better, but still spits juice in my mouth. I've also had two serious leaking issues- one when I was using 80VG. So no matter what I do- these tanks just won't work on 1.8 coils. Don't ask me why I bought 2 tanks btw...I got really excited to get away from BVC coils........which also spit juice like crazy.

    I'm just done with Aspire for good. But truly, thanks for the advice Viruk.

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