ESP 30W box mod making fast ticking noise when holding down fire button

ESP 30W box mod making fast ticking noise when holding down fire button, i was wondering if this is normal, sounds defective, anyone have any details?
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  • Was it a particuliar you bought it from ebay ?
    At what price ?

    I suggest next time, you buy from a real shop or from the main website.
    Perhaps some more expensive but with a waranty.
  • It's certainly not normal, have you tried this with different clearos ?
  • Maybe try a different tank to see if it stops. Maybe it's the tank? Or the 510 pin connector not making a good contact?
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    i already tried that , connection is fine, even tried another Atlantis and is still ticking , sounds like its coming from, behind LCD display, im scared its going to blow up or somthing , it is also authentic, (got on ebay) seeing if i can work somthing out with seller, hope i dont get stuck with a defect, its a shame i love the product, this just does not sound normal
  • Just got email from vendor on ebay ....they will not honor and will not replace, so it seems i am stuck with a defective model, very very sad, was going to buy Triton and pegasus , but if i can even get support for this product , sadly i will have to move on to a different brand, sorry nothing personal, sadly this customer service process is clearly not working, they are not obligated in any way to honor thier contract with you , can someone here please help me with a replacement?
  • Mine ticks on standby? Sounds like a clock.

    You have to put it to your ear to hear it, its normal tho, its its heartbeat checking ohms ect
  • When I put my ear against the USB connection, I hear sea waves ... :D
    ... but no ticks anywhere ...
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