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Hello Aspire!

I understand you guys are super busy with shipment of the Pegasus. But I have a bit of a problem here. From my understanding these items were suppose to be shipped out early August. To me this is coming up on mid August. I'm about the go on vacation and was hoping to have it before then.
I have left two messages w/o a response, and once again I understand you guys are busy.

I have to say I'm super thankful for the opportunity to purchase the Pegasus at a super low price with all that comes with it. And my wife being an Aspire user has been very happy with your products.

Is there something we can work out here? My last message left with you guys was to cancel my order. Right now I have something to cover me but slowly creeping up on the end of it's life. I can live w/o a mod for now but maybe I can cancel parts of my order?

Thanks for all that you do Aspire, but a response to this would be very much helpful!

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  • I realized I should probably put my order number here...

    Order #201420842
  • I'm feeling you on this. My order status is still 'processing'. Slowly patience is dwindling. Would appreciate an email update as it's been a fortnight since I submitted my order.
  • Guys, patients is a virtue.

    Why? The Pegasus production was stopped to upgrade it to include Temperature Control!!! So you're getting a better unit that what you thought you were getting
  • I'm willing to wait for the Pegasus, but I was in desperate need of a tank... so maybe just cancel that part of my order... since I just went out and bought one... And cancel the RTA kit... Going on vacation and receiving this will have to be delayed anyways.
  • @Whiskey
    Don't worry ,I can ship the tank and RTA to you via DHL today ,you will receive the goods after 4-6 days .
    When Pegasus is available ,I do ship to you again if you pay for the shipping fee .
    If you cancel Pegasus,you will loss the chance (You can get one 18650 battery and the new charging dock for free ! ).Now what can I do for you ?
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    @Guz I guess patience is a virtue. I'm totally with you, its definitely worth the extra waiting time and Aspire going to give a better product. It's worth the wait any day. That way it's made right and not rushed..

    @Whiskey From my experience with DHL, you can have it shipped to a different address, held for Will Call at a DHL location, delivered to a neighbor, & a few more options for no extra charge most of the time. Once you receive your Waybill of shipment, then you can request one of the options above. DHL totally works with you from my experience with other companies orders that I made & were sent with DHL Express Worldwide, which is how Aspire ships the product. Just a few more options, so you don't miss out on an amazing Mod. Best of Luck!
  • @Demi
    Thank you for the response. I would like to just cancel the Triton and the RTA kits.
    I would love to get the Pegasus w/ all the specials of course. And I believe I have paid for the shipping.
    Thank you so much.

  • @Whiskey
    OK ,everything will be OK .And I sent the email to you ,pls check !
    If you have any questions, pls do not hesitate to contact me again . :D
  • @Guz thanks for that. I wasn't aware they were delaying roll out in order to upgrade the Pegasus. I'm happy to wait for what I hope will be a great device (not that I've selected a tank to go with it yet).
    Thanks all.
  • @Demi
    Thank you for the help!
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