Atlantis 2 on spinner 2

Can I put a Atlantis 2 on a vision spinner 2 with a 1600 mah battery putting out 4.8 volts or do I need a box . I saw a video on YouTube with a nautilus mini on the spinner
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  • @Madmax79 vision spinner2 is a voltage adjustable battery from 3.3V-4.8V,it is compatible with nautilus and nautilus mini.
    But for the Atlantis 2 tank,the output wattage of the battery is not enough to fire.

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    @Madmax79 I would recommend CF Sub Ohm Battery, CF Mod Battery, or CF Maxx 50W Battery; this would be if your wanting the same tube look of the spinner. They all are amazing, I have tried them all and own all of them except CF Mod Battery. But with Aspire coming out with the game changer Box Mod, I would recommend the Pegasus so you have all the options you may want in the future. You also have the option of there existing Box Mod "ESP 30 Watt" if your just stepping into the Sub Ohm Vaping market. Vape On my friend!! :D
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