A Pegasus with Temperature Control ???

A Pegasus with Temperature Control ???
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  • Way to go Aspire giving what the people want! That's awesome!
  • Now will these be the one thats shipped and why the launching was delayed ? Thats the question now Great Job Aspire
  • @-)

    OMFG !!! How did you do that so quickly Aspire ???

    adding temp sensors ?? chipset change or reprog ??? without chnaging the whole box ???

    I'm impressed ^:)^
  • I hope it's a re-programming. It would then take just a few more tweaks and we'll have a MOD that does it all!
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    This is everything I was looking for in a new box Mod from Aspire. I'm hoping, that those who wait will be in store for a surprise. This would be amazing, to have the aesthetic look of the Pegasus and the internal chipset with Temperature Control and also the standard VW option. My praise to Aspire's Engineers. ^:)^ :-bd

    Pinch me, isn't Christmas yet and this was the only thing on it... Great job Aspire Team!!!
  • Is this why they are delayed? OMG, awesome...
  • @watkijw I was reading the Aspire Facebook Page on the Pegasus Temperature Control Post and someone asked that question. Aspire responded, "That there would only we one style Pegasus, which will have the TC option (so they are switching them to have TC with Aspires own Chip). Then on another post, they replied, "this was the reason for the delay in shipment. They were making all of the Pegasus that were pre-ordered and also that haven't shipped yet with the Temp Control feature." They made my christmas gift for me really early and I couldn't thank Aspire enough!! :-$ ^:)^ Absolutely amazing news :D :D
  • @Southy321 This also explains Tina's comment:
    "I believe that surprise behind waiting."

    I kept wondering about that statement... LOL ;)
  • I saw this on Facebook also and was like now they give me a reason to buy another mod. I wonder what the limits of the TC will be on this.
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    @midnightwolf I guess that's going to be the surprise. I'm also wondering if it will allow for Titanium Coils or if it will only take Ni200. We should be finding out really soon. They were talking about trying to get them out by Saturday or early next week which is an amazing turnaround time, since they are using an Aspire Chip for the Temperature Control option on the Pegasus Mod. :D
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