Aspire Forum Anniversary Celebration--Giveaway

Aspire's forum is turning one year old. We would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for all the supporting and love you have given us in this past year. As we head into year two we are excited to hear your continued suggestions and feedback. Thank you all for helping make Aspire what we are becoming!
In order to appreciate your supporting and love for Aspire and aspire forum,share this post with your family or friends and leave the words you want to say to aspire under this post,we will choose three people to send out our new product(aspire triton tank or aspire pegasus box mod),you can choose the one you like.
Aspire to be your listener!

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  • Dear Friends,
    Thank you so much for your kind support.
    We will try our best to do better in the next year.
    Thank you all for helping make Aspire what we are becoming!

    we will choose three people to send out our new product(aspire triton tank or aspire pegasus box mod) in next Monday,please pay attention to here.
    Maybe you are the winner.
  • Done! I added the comment "I highly recommend Aspire's innovative vaping products."

    Congratulations on your first anniversary. May you enjoy many more!
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    Happy Birthday to you Aspire's Forum & Thanks for this wonderful products and specially The Nautilus!Quit smoking because of him!! :D
  • best tanks from the nautilus to the triton
  • Congratulation Aspire!
    I have used many different tanks and systems but the only one I truly relie on is Aspire. I have been smoke free since Nov 2014 and there is no going back for me!

    "I aspire to be the best daddy to my baby girl I possible can be

    I aspire to live a life full of love and honesty and hopefully a long lfe which you can take ctefit for ;-)

    I aspire to be real to myself and sway away from all things negative

    I aspire to to teach others to aspire, to do something good in this world"

    one love and thanks for being there Aspire!

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    Done and Shared! Then I added the following:

    Congratulations on your first year Forum Anniversary, and many more to come in the future Aspire. This is what Aspire has done for me, since I've been with the company almost 2 years from my first Vivi Nova purchase. Aspire products are the only Hardware I personally own and feel confident recommending to my friends, family and a lot of times people who ask me what kind of product I'm using when I'm walking down the street or in the store. I'll take the time an explain my set-up and what I would recommend for them to start with as a newbie to Vaping (simpler Aspire Tank/Kit) or if they currently Vape recommend a more advanced Sub-Ohm Tank, Platinum Kit, Elite Kit, and now The Odyssey Kit. Thanks to Aspire I haven't smoked a cigarette in almost 2 years n 4 months. I LOVE EVERYTHING ASPIRE REPRESENTS (simply said)!!! :D :-bd
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    Congrats Aspire.... Good products and quality is top noch. you helped alot of people....Thanks
  • Absolutely the best, always recommend to my friends!
  • The Nautilus Mini is what made me kick the smoking habit completely. I've tried other tanks and came away frustrated and still craving the cigarette. After trying the Mini, smoking a cigarette would only make me mad because of the nasty taste and I wasn't getting the enjoyment out of it that I get out of the Nautilus Mini. I am currently working on trying to get my husband to quit smoking and start vaping. He is a heart patient (quad bypass at a very young age) and I feel that if he is going to smoke, ecigs are the best option. He has my old tank and is unsatisfied with it.

    When he uses the Mini, he says the same as I do. He gets more out of it and doesn't even want a cigarette.

    So Thank You, Aspire. You have made this 25 year smoker finally kick the habit!
  • Happy anniversary Aspire forum! I wish all the best to you and I am grateful for the services you provide!
    First of all, I would like to apologize for my bad English. I am from a country that the Chinese people calls: The other great civilization. Guess which is my country :-/
    Along with your anniversary, I celebrate mine too. Make up a year that I quit smoking with the help of Aspire .
    Aspire was the company I trusted to help me in my effort. Today, after a year, I am a happy vaper and I owe gratitude to the excellent products of the company.
    I also want to give congratulations to all of you, the forum staff for the excellent customer support that you provide.
    I hope and I wish, all together, like a great team and family to have another happy year enjoying the products and services of Aspire. End then another and another...
    Due to the capital controls in my country I can not purchase goods abroad I do not know for how long, so I hope that I will be one of the winners :)
    I do shared your anniversary celebration to family and friends and I always suggest Aspire and its products to active and future vapers, because I am a happy customer.
    All the best to you once more
    Thank you for everything...
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  • Congratulations on one year with the forums! When I first tried quitting smoking, I couldn't do. Not until I came across the Nautilus Mini. I credit Aspire for saving my life.

    Thank you.

    Forums are a great place to share information and for new vapers to get the help they need. Sometimes it is a little overwhelming to go into a vape shop and ask questions. This is a good place to do that.

    Thanks for all the great products and keep up the good work

    Rick Roy
  • Reposted and thanked you for making my home and health better all around. I have a screen shot of it but i cant get the attach file link to work on my phone.... either way happy bday and thank you. Aspire is the only vaping products i will ever use.
  • Congratulations. Been smoke free almosta year myself. Love my Atlantis tank
  • Happy Anniversary Aspire! I love your products and great customer service. I love that you stand behind all your products and I am a loyal aspire fan for life. I've had my nautilus since it first came out and it's still going strong. Thank you for your service and support.
  • Congrats on the great work and support. I have been smoke free 11 months thanks with the help from Aspire.
  • Hallo.
    Been smoking my old atlantis and made my friends buy other 4, nothing more to say ^^.
  • The Nautilus Mini was the product that finally allowed me to quit smoking after 36 years. Now 9 months smoke free!! For that I will always be grateful.

    Thank you Aspire and Happy Anniversary!!!

    Dave Greene
  • Yay got it to post! Love you aspire!
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  • Happy anniversary aspire been vanping now for 300 days now and my first bit of kit was a mvp and a Nautilus and I love my new triton thanks alot for all the new products what you come up with keep up the good work
  • I highly reccomend Aspire products to everyone. I was smoking 20 a day before I discovered vaping. The first vaping product I bought was an Aspire CF Sub with an Atlantis V1, which produced the biggest clouds I had seen. I then bought a CF Mod because apparently it would produce bigger clouds, which it did and still does. I now have an ESP 30W, an Atlantis V1, an Atlantis V2, and a Triton with a rebuildable base. I have only used Aspire products to this date, and I will stick to Aspire until (not likely) a company produces a range of higher quality products, which as I stated; not likely. I love Aspire products and only hope to continue vaping on the high quality products offered by only one company. You.

    Thank you for such good products and thank you for the chance to win more of your amazing products.
  • I started with Aspire and love the build quality. There's a reason that Aspire is a major player in the vaping World, and that's the quality of their products.
  • Happy Anniversery, I hope you have many mor ego come.

    Aspire was my main reason for quoting smoking, your products made it easy and I haven't looked back. Please keep up the good work I have almost all your stuff it's simple and high quality.

    Keep up the great work and I'll keep sending people your way.
  • I started vaping 9 months ago. (Yay!) Just a few months ago, I got my dear friend, Bridget, started vaping too. (Yay, again!) Bridget recently purchased an Aspire setup and was anxious for me to try it. I did, and I have to say I loved it! Aspire is clearly a well-constructed, superior product. There is definitely an Aspire purchase in my future! Thank you for the generous giveaway. You're living up to your reputation for being eager to give back to the vaping community. That goes a long way with me!
  • I really like Aspire tank, always I used only aspire tank. Best quality and grate vaping. Very easy to use. I try a lot of different things but aspire bottom vertical coil is the best for me. Now I wait for my new Triton Tank
  • Happy Anniversary :D
  • Love aspire products, happy 1st year!
  • congrats!
    one of the best flavoring tank for me.
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    Thanks to the Triton and the wonderfull 1.8 coils, I was able to quit the horrible habit of smoking & discover the tasty world of vaping.
    Happy Birthday Aspire Forums.
  • Done this is how I posted to my Facebook and will continue to spread the word and promote Aspire from afar :::::: Want to say Happy Anniversary to Aspire Forum I been on this site for just a little while and being the Aspire Nautilus Mini is the tank I started with the forum has been very informative along with the members and of course the Staff of Aspire ... I wish you all the best of luck for many more years to come, Never Change and keep doing the things you do best ......
  • Thanks too you and the support from your site. I was able to quite smoking those cancer sticks in a box. I have tried many times before but have never been able to quite. In less then a week I went from a pack a day too 2 maybe 3 lung assassins a day. And now I have been without a cigarette for over a month and I don't even think about them.
    My family, children, wife, and myself thank you from the bottom of our hearts thank you and your company for what you have done for the vaping community. Congratulations on your first year and I wish you too be around for many years to come.
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