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This triton is blowing through coils rapidly. Sometimes in just a few hours. I've used it three times and had to replace one everytime. . I find the Atlantis coils very disappointing. Anyway but this takes the cake . I found the shark temp control tovbe reliable but however . six hours in the triton and it was no good. I've been vaping for some time when I'm using the kanger ,or actic coils ? Those tanks keep up well. Lately I've been questioning the Atlantis all the way around. ,I own ,v2,v2 mega so I had high hopes for the triton . . I'm beyond irritated about this and would seriously like Atlantis to look into the coils . regardless of the triton issues. .. What is happening with this tank blowing the coils asap ? Even the other tanks seem to drop them faster ! Give me one reason why I should even continue the Atlantis products period !! What am I to do with this triton .. I was looking forward to this and discovering the new .4 coils that was redesigned !! . these coils are expensive I can't afford to change them out daily. And I don't even use them all day. That's the sad part . what are you willing to do to save a good customer ?
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    Hi Jimmy,

    I used seven coils (3 X 1.8Ω, 4 X 0.4Ω) for one day each during my review of the Triton due to the leakage reported. I found no leaks, and vaped a full tank per day. Following my review, I re-used the 1.8Ω coil that came with the Triton. It's been in the Triton for twelve days, and is still going strong. The other six coils are still good, and have been saved for re-use as well.

    I'd check the output of your MOD since you are going through coils that quickly. What voltage or wattage are you vaping at? The 0.4Ω coils are rated for 25-30W or about 3.1-3.5V. They will burn out quickly if you exceed these ratings.
  • I have been using the .4 ohm coil since I have got it 2weeks ago still working good. I am using an 80w mod running around 30 to 35w. So I would definitely check your voltage or wattage.
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