Triton and the rubber o-rings!!!

The triton could be a great product. I own 4 of them. But one big problem is the rubber o-rings. Tell me the engineers name that designed it, and the person who didn't give us replacements with our product. Big problem....... I wasted the $ on four of them....
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  • Why does the Triton leak?
  • Come on guys, and girls Triton has Rubber o-rings on the .4 coils, and a total three on the tank itself. We all know some Eluquids attack rubber....
  • Which o-rings are you talking about? Maybe user error? Is it the coils or the tanks itself? I just don't see how you could get 4 bad tanks in a row. I have had my Triton for a week and it's been great. Maybe I can help you out. :)
  • @charlzrocks well I guess he doesn't want any help. >:D<
  • Well @Joel360 we are here if he needs it!
  • I'm not a part of the Aspire team, but these are my thoughts on the issue. For liquid leaking out of the bottom AFC one or more of these conditions must be true:

    1. There MUST be a leak around the coil. Either the o-ring at the bottom of the coil, or the seal at the center pin is leaking. These are they only points of entry to the bottom AFC. I strongly suspect the seal at the center pin is responsible.

    2. For the tank to drain, there MUST be another leak from the tank to the coil, . This could be cotton not packed tightly enough around the coil, or the o-ring in the chimney not forming a seal with the coil.

    3. If the tank does not empty, and the leak occurs after filling, some liquid may have flowed into the chimney. Note that there would probably be some gurgling/spitting until this was vaped away if there were no other problems.

    What I recommend:
    When changing coils, check the bottom seal and ensure it is in place and snug against the coil. Put the coil in the base until it contacts the base. Tighten 1/4 turn more. Screw the base onto the tank until snug, not tight. I can't give the same instructions as for the coil, as the o-rings will have deformed a little with use.

    If after following the above directions you have a leak, try a 0.5Ω coil for the Atlantis. If you don't have a leak, the Triton coils you have may be defective. If you still have a leak, the problem may be with your Triton. In either case, take your Triton and the coils to your point of sale and discuss the problem with your dealer.

    Note: The top fill design of the Triton may allow some air into the tank. This would magnify any leakage. The same leakage in the Nautilus or Atlantis series may not show up at all.
  • I don't need help. It was a question why did Aspire use rubber o-rings...
  • Hmmmmmmm........ :-? When I get a product that I am not happy with, I stop buying the product.....not buy more of them.....sounds kinda sketchy to me. [-(

    what sounds "sketchy" to me is your feeble attempt to deflect the op's question/problem, which is the o ring.
  • Old_Salt you haven't seen the triton leak ever ? or has yours personally never leaked ?
  • @hdclever My wife and I each have one. My wife's never leaked. Mine leaked once, while I was writing my review. I didn't have the coil tight enough in the base.
  • mine has never leaked . 4 coils 3 0.4ohms and 1 0.3ohms . I make sure that the coil is tight. I use 80vg/20pg
  • Well mine leaked out faster than I could fill it, then this morning a found the problem; The drip tip assembly consists of TWO parts not one as I thought. I was only removing the upper part to fill and hence putting juice in the wrong place. I do think the web page directions are not very clear, but all is well now.
  • @Sirsparks I'm glad you found the problem. Hopefully you'll get a chuckle out of it in the future.
  • I need help mine still leaks after everything I have been told. I won't buy another one, maybe for X-MAS I'll get another type. Leaking is the worst. You buy somthing and you expect to be taken care of, I have not.
  • Yeah a little sketchy :-?
  • I agree likewise about the leaking. I had complete flooding of E-Liquid out of the bottom AFC with the included 0.4Ω pre-installed Triton Coil. But my Triton Tank was part of the Shopping Spree Promotion and thus received Aspire's first batch release of the first 150 sent out to Aspire Forum Customer who took advantage of the offered discount back in June. I barely used the included 1.8Ω Kanthal Triton Coil that was in the package with the Triton Tank (maybe put 3ml at most through it and then I sat it aside for later use/or to give to someone who would benefit from the coil). So I can't speak for the 1.8Ω Kanthal Coil in the Triton Tank. But I did put it in one of my Atlantis V1 Tanks for my Dad (trying to get him to quit smoking) and he doesn't vape that much. But he hasn't had an issues or I should say I haven't seen any problems because he's not into refilling the Atlantis Tank on his own. So I take care of refilling it for him. I had continuous problems with 0.4Ω SS Triton Coil, referencing to the one included with the Triton Tank Package. I was getting continuous leakage from the bottom AFC about every 3 fills. Then I had the same problems with a pack of 0.4Ω Triton Coils, that I purchased 2 weeks after receiving my Triton Tank. So I switched to 0.5Ω Atlantis V2 Coils (that I had a few package around the house) and didn't have the issue of E-Liquid pouring out of the bottom AFC. I did experience leakage here an there but nothing like the 0.4Ω SS Triton Coils. I'm currently using 0.1Ω Vixen Ni200 Coils with the Triton Tank, since Aspire didn't have Ni200 Coils available for purchase on their website at the time my Pegasus was shipped. When it comes to the 0.1Ω Vixen Ni200 Coils, I haven't had major issues until about 3-5 days before the TC Coils start to reach the end of their life. I received a package of Aspire 0.15Ω Ni200 Triton/Atlantis Coils but haven't been able to try them yet, since my 3rd 0.1Ω Vixen Ni200 Coil is hanging in there. I also have a package of 0.3Ω SS Triton Coils and used 1 of 5 about a month ago and did receive some lite leakage out of the bottom AFC but nothing a Q-Tip couldn't fix.

    But my main problem is a missing O-Ring on the Aspire Airflow for the Triton drip tip. My Triton Tank didn't include the black O-Ring or even the clear O-Ring that some have pictured on the Forum. So my Triton Tank was completely missing this O-Ring from the factory. I worked with Aspire to have the black O-Ring sent with my Pegasus Shopping Spree Order as they promise but never received the missing O-Ring and have yet to get a response back from Aspire. The O-Ring that I'm missing is pictured on the link below on part 02) Aspire Airflow for Triton drip tip. I just wish they would send me the part that was missing on my Triton Tank and I know a few other Forum User who are currently in the same spot, which is without an O-Ring. This lack of the pictured black O-Ring is causing leaking with my Top AFC on my Triton Tank.

    Best of Luck & hope Aspire finally gets around to sending me this O-Ring that was promised. :)] :!!
  • I will not be purchasing Aspire again. Mine leaked in every situation and every attempt from you guys (thank you by the way very kool and helpful)
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    They won't even send you a fucking o-ring? What a great company. Man, I guess I really should have listened to everyone from the start and just bought an authentic KayFun and that way I would have never had to deal with these issues caused by this cheap bullshit Aspire puts on the market without even testing. They are expensive, but you will never need another tank, ever...and they will never leak -- and the company actually supports their product...they don't pawn off support issues on retailers or distributors! If you have a problem, they will fix it -- because their product is properly designed. Aspire won't do this, because there IS no way to fix the Triton V1 -- it's a shit designed product. The only way to fix it is to order the V2 and hope and pray they actually tested that one before putting it on store shelves. I'm done with aspire and the douche bags like "Old Salt" on these forums. Vaping on my new KayFun, I'm loving it :) Where are Aspire's products even made? Where is their factory located? I'm guessing China...there's no WAY this shit of a product could be made in the USA or Germany or any place that is known for quality. Oh I know, it's a conspiracy. Nothing's been proven! The thousands of people on REDDIT and Google / other forums are all using fake tritons, and we're not using them correctly! Aspire would never make a shitty product and put it on the market without testing! Never!!!
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    @Tina @Demi
    I have sent multiple emails to the Support Email for Aspire, since my Triton Tank was purchased directly through Aspire's Online Website. If you read my post above and on a few other Forums regarding the missing O-Ring that @Viruk was also missing. Be were both promised by Aspire China where be purchased our Triton Tank through. We were both promised that, Aspire Direct in China, by one of your service representatives that you would send the missing Triton O-Ring with our Pegasus Shopping Spree Order's. Guess what you didn't send the missing O-Ring with either of our Pegasus Order's. I did verify that @Viruk did receive the missing O-Ring as promised with their Pegasus Shopping Spree Order as PROMISED either. I really feel like you could care less about the missing O-Ring, that was never included with my Pegasus. I did find out 2-3 days ago that Viruk, did finally receive the missing O-Ring, in a separate shipment just by itself about a month after receiving the Pegasus Mod. It would be nice if someone from Aspire would send my original missing/ not included O-Ring that should have been included with my Triton Tank originally. Okay, no big deal but then you promised that you would send the O-Ring with my Pegasus Order when it shipped and that didn't happen. Know I find out that you sent Viruk, the missing O-Ring a month after delivering the Pegasus Mod. But you won't send me the same O-Ring that I'm missing. This is beginning to become ridiculous, you won't reply to my emails or acknowledge on the Forum, that your going to look into where my missing O-Ring shipment confirmation. Or when it will be sent to myself.

    @Tina @Demi or anyone at Aspire who cares for customer loyalty.
    Can you please send the missing promised O-Ring that's missing from the Top AFC Heatsink. If sent emails before the Pegasus Shopping Spree Order's were sent and your Service Department PROMISED that you would send it with the Pegasus Order. I didn't receive it with that order. So I sent an email advising that you still didn't send the missing O-Ring. You have yet to reply. I would appreciate it if you would send me an Email advising how we are going to resolve this problem. Both @Tina @Demi have my Email address and I look forward from hearing from one of you. This is ridiculous that your making me go through this for a missing O-Ring, that was never included with my Triton Tank like it should have been. The price of the part is probably not over $1.00 but your making me jump through hoops for a mistake Aspire made (not me) and this shouldn't have even happened because it should have been caught by QC before it even left the factory back in June with the O-Ring. I look forward to receiving a response, since my Emails aren't being responded to and no update is being posted on the forum for a resolution. I'm sorry that it might seem like my frustrations are being taken out on you. But this has been going on long enough without a resolution. Please send the missingO-Ring that was promised by your Service Department. And this would have been resolved months ago...
  • anyone else own the Aspire Triton and have the heat sink keep popping up? mine wont stay on whether I lube it with glycerin or clean it well.
  • Hmmmmmmm........ :-? When I get a product that I am not happy with, I stop buying the product.....not buy more of them.....sounds kinda sketchy to me. [-(
  • @markiemark67 I highly doubt that Aspire would use a material which breaks down quickly in any of their products. The fact that many of us have experienced no leakage supports this.
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