Aspire Triton RTA BVC tutorial - Another method (Vertical coil) to build Triton RTA

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  • GuzGuz
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    Actually I went to Kidney Puncher to show them the RTA, the one kid wanted to do a build so bad on it, so I let him.

    He ended up doing a Fused Clapton with 2 strands of 28 gauge, and 42 gauge outer, Nichrome, BVC. It came out to just over 1 ohm, but it had to run at 70 watts. Mega cloud!!

    3552 x 2000 - 2M
  • Easy enough to follow. Built my first coil with 26AWG and it came out a .51Ω. Nice air flow, vapor and flavor.
  • They did a far better job making the video than I could (believe me I tried, and failed). At least they proved to Rip Tripper that it can be done :))

    But I have found that you can experiment with the coil inner diameter a wee bit. 3mm is about the max to have enough room for the proper amount of cotton, but I have found that can go down to 2mm inner diameter to replicate the 1.8 ohm coils (you need more wraps of cotton).

    Below 2mm inner diameter and everything goes pear shaped fast. Massive gurgling, leaking, flooding, etc.
  • Thank's Aspire for a great video on building a vertical coil
  • I built a 26AWG wrapped with 32AWG kanthal "clapton" coil using this method when I first got my RTA. HIGHLY RECOMMEND vertical over horizontal build.
  • Sorry for the disembodied hands guys. I am a little shy. =P
  • I did a vertical coil build used 26awg nichrome . It came out to .6 ohms. I definitely like the vertical coil over the horizontal. Very good flavor and decent amount of vape clouds.
  • Anyway you can show how the coils was wrapped? I am at a loss at how the leads are so nice and straight inline with the coil! Also the gauge and wire length would be helpful...Thnx!
  • Wrapping the cotton is a little tricky.
  • I have a pair of disembodied hands talking to me.....kinda creepy .... we don't see the guys face. However it is a good general overview of the vertical build albeit from a distance.
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