triton tank problems

Alright so I bought the triton tank brand new out the box ,after a week the top where you turn to fill an vap now seized up on me an is very very hard to turn ,I made sure the juice did not stay in the top part ,and I even made sure everything was clean,never dripped or bent ...anyome else having this same issue?
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  • Yours is the first we have heard of this problem. I suggest that you empty the tank and rinse the tank in hot water real well and see if that will free it up. Let us know what happens!
  • Put it in a pot on the stove and boil it for 20-30 minutes, the e-liquid you're using has caused the silicone gasket inside the filling port to expand. Don't use that e-liquid in future.

    See this thread on reddit
  • I also reported this problem to Aspire 30 days ago, so you're not the first person.
  • Wow that's interesting. First I have heard also.
  • I am having a MAJOR problem with my Triton Tank - I LOVE this tank !!! BUT - I purchased the appropriate atomizers (1.8) for the Triton - they are only last a couple of HOURS before they burn up !!! My watts are set at 12 - which is recommened - dont know what to do - Please help !!!
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    @Lisa287 WYSINNWYG, or What You See Is Not Necessarily What You Get ;)

    Your MOD may be putting out more power than it displays. Try using another MOD, or turning down the power. I'm using 12.5W for a 1.8Ω coil in the Triton with 80/20 liquid. My coil is into its fourth week or over 80ml.

    VG has a higher boiling point (290°C) than PG (188°C) so more power can be used. I've gone above 16W with 85% VG.

    Lower power should also be used for longer puffs. Your coil boils off the liquid contacting it. When it's gone, the cotton starts to burn. This happens faster at higher power levels.
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