Fake clearomizer?


I've purchased a clearomizer from Amazon. The seller claims is to be Aspire but I've had problems with it since it arrived a few days ago. The rubber seals don't seem right, so liquid leaks almost constantly and I have to clean it at least once every 30 minutes. It didn't come with a box or authenticity code. I've emailed the seller, and in his reply he said: 'Unfortunately, Aspire do do not produce these in individual boxes. Aspire CE5-S come in multi-pack boxes of 5 only, so we have to take them out of the box when a customer orders just one. We normally send the box if a customer orders 2 or more. The 5 pack boxes are branded and do have the scratch & proof authenticity codes.'

Is that correct? I'm very worried I've bought a fake and would like to take this further with Amazon if the seller is selling fake Aspire products.

Here is a link to the product: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00S2X3REI

Thanks for your help

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  • Oh dear Faye...you most probably got a fake as there are MANY out there. Without having the authenticity code to check by yourself, there is no way to be absolutely sure, as some of the Aspire clearomizers are sold in the multi packs. In the future it is best to get them from the Aspire website. That way you know what you are getting!
  • @fairyfaye06 For our BDC/BVC series clearomizer,there is no black box for individual clearomizer.
    The scratch and check label comes in multi-pack boxes of 5 only.
    For the seller is not our authorized distributor,I can not assure the authenticity for you.

    Best Wish
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