Pegasus and base charging REVIEW

Plain and simple: I LIKE IT!!

To read a detailed review (with clickable pictures), please go to my Pegasus Review Page (Aspire Pegasus)
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  • I just want to follow up on something, particularly the charging base...


    This has to have been the greatest addition to my collection of stuff. I keep the base on my coffee table where I mostly vape. Now when I'm not hitting my setup, I just put the Pegasus on the charging base and it just tops off the battery. This has REALLY enhanced the performance of my setup. The battery is always at or close to it's full charge, which really makes a difference in the quality of vapor production.

    That and the inline USB charging. I have it setup in my car so that when I get in, I plug in my Pegasus so it charges while I drive and vape. That too helps keep the battery at it's peak.
  • @Guz Very nice review and the pictures with the detail are amazing. Just a curious question, did you get this from their Aspire Pegasus Shopping Spree Promotion, just wondering if they've shipping out. I'm hoping so, it looks like you were on of the first to receive the box mod. Just a little disappointed that the Watts can't be changed to the 10th setting. They should've made the Pegasus read ei: 40.0W and being able to change it in .1 Watt increments or even .5 Watt increments can make a very big difference in your Vaping. Besides that everything is on par and looks amazing. It has features that other mods don't, so stunning just looking at it and the quality is superb with Aspire. I'm just going to be waiting for DHL now. I'm going to be more than pleased and great unboxing review. :D :-bd
  • Good review! Thanks.

    The 1.0W increment is the reason I didn't get one.

    Is the Throttle function tied to the Aspire 40A battery, or will it work with any 18650?

    I like the physical design. I'm curious as to the durability of the rotating adjustment wheel, and the battery compartment cover. Time will tell how well they last in use.
  • Mine is supposed to arrive today sometime....but I will not be able to review it till the weekend.
  • Just got mine too !
    In one word, the box and dock are : Awesome !

    Very nice review Guz !
  • thanks for the review Guz !
    (just for info : could not see all the pics on Firefox/Linux)

    Looks really beautiful and classy, i can't wait to try it out with different tanks !
  • GuzGuz
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    @Old_Salt I think if they put the 10th increments, you would be spinning the wheel forever. Which goes against the KISS philosophy. Personally, I can never tell flavor differences at 10th of a watt difference, but that's just me.

    The throttle function should work with all 18650 batteries.

    The durability question:
    I really don't see that as an issue with the wheel, right now. This thing is really well built.
    The battery cover: the hinge hole for the pin, is a bit loose. At first I was "Awwww man", but after using it, it dawned on me, with the inline charging, and using the base charger I won't be changing batteries that often. Also just don't let the door flip open by itself and "bang" open. For those of you that have some firearms background, think of as dry firing a gun. You generally don't do it, as it can wear or break things.

    @pia I'm not sure why they images didn't show up for you. As I use for the hosting. It should display for everyone. So I'm not sure why it didn't for you.

    Now as an added bonus, I did take everything down to Kidney Puncher to show it off (yep, they are just a few miles away from me) and they LOVED it. We even had fun doing a special build on the Triton RTA (but that's another post, coming soon). But we went through an entire battery playing around, and cranking the Pegasus up to 70 watts. It performed beautifully, even the throttle function worked. Actually we forgot about it and was wondering towards the end why it just wasn't performing as it did earlier. But we were like kids on Christmas morning and just enjoying it. They were thoroughly impressed with the setup as they have only read about it in reseller documentation.

    Also if there are some spelling or grammatical errors, so bear with me. It was late when I type it up, after I posted the above, I literally passed out from being so tired.

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    @Guz My suggestion is to implement Hi/Low increment toggle via the multi-function switch (AKA Fire Button). In High increment it would work as it currently does. Three quick presses of the Fire Button would switch you to Low Increment mode, without affecting the current power setting. Later, three quick presses of the Fire Button would switch you to Hi Increment mode, and round the current power setting to the nearest watt.

    Hi Increment would be 10 / 1 Watt
    Low Increment would be 1 / 0.1 Watt

    Those happy with 1 watt discrimination could stay in the default Hi Increment mode forever.

    While we're at it, why not implement a memory function? Four quick presses of the multi-function button gets you into this mode. Turn the dial to select a memory location. Press and hold the multi-function to set the memory to the current wattage, without firing the coil, blink the wattage three times, and exit the function. A quick press would set the MOD to the wattage of the current memory. The memory should hold its value through a battery change.

    A reset to factory defaults could also be implemented via the multi-function switch, as could a high function / MOD wattage lockout.

    This is only one of the ways the current controls could be used to access additional functionality. There's other, possibly better ways to do it.
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    That's getting complicated. Kind of defeating the KISS principal :))

    But those are valid suggestions, btw. I did think along the same lines, myself, and I actually tried various button presses to see if they were hidden features.

    Who knows, maybe version 2 will have those features. Or maybe just a firmware update. I DON'T KNOW if the pass through charge port can take data. For once I don't feel like taking it apart to see myself. Maybe someone else will.
  • Default would be the current KISS. Any advanced functionality, including TC is going to require some sort of access.

  • I just noticed there is a small protection film from top to bottom on the display side of the box.
    You can remove it or try to keep it as long as possible :D
  • @Cegoca Does the private messaging work for you? I can't PM you. Can you me?
  • I'm heading to the vape shop for a battery....c ya later!
  • @ Guz I'm afraid not ... "permission problem" it says
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  • @Guz Did your Pegasus with Charging Base, come with the Aspire 18650 Battery as per the promotion?
  • We'll work something out, somehow. Wait.
  • @Cegoca That part in the small plastic bag, do you think it's a spacer for between the mod & the tank, so you don't markup or scratch the top finish with the tank?
  • Good thinking but I don't think so.
    The use of it would be un-practical and they should have then made it smaller to partly enter the mod connection.
    Also the warmth of the device might not be good for that part also (I don't want to ruin the thing trying).

    Actually, I've already scratched the top finish a bit ... :(
  • The 0.3 Ohm Atlantis coils I haven't been able to use before, as I didn't have a sufficient powerful mod, are awesome on the Pegasus at 70 Watts (Atlantis V2) !
  • That part has me wondering now.. hmm How big is it in diameter? I'm thinking it might be used for something in the battery compartment. (Keeping the battery snug, a spacer, or something along those lines) maybe?
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  • @Cegoca can you send your Skype contact info to our "mutual" friend? They can send you mine.
  • Guz said:

    @Cegoca can you send your Skype contact info to our "mutual" friend? They can send you mine.

    And @Cegoca and @Guz could you please send me the contact info of your "mutual friend" ?? :D
  • @pia only if you know the secret hand shake. But we would have to kill you anyway, so it's mute. :))
  • @pia @Tina just checked on my Pegasus and it still says processing. I just ordered some parts for one of my other tanks they could go out together?? do we know when shipping?
  • What actually is the Throttle function on the Pegasus?
  • If your battery doesn't have enough strength any more to match the requested Wattage, the Pegasus will go down by 10 Watts automaticaly.

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