Recommendation for dripping for juice testing

I'm experimenting a lot with different juices at the minute and having filled a tank and really not liked the juice a couple of times recently I'm looking for any recommendation for dripping for testing juices.

I'm not so interested in coil building at the minute but would consider it in the absence of an alternative, I'm ideally looking for a basic dripper that's as low maintenance/effort as possible so I can try juices without risking soaking a coil with a flavour I don't like.

I was looking at some bridgeless 510 atomisers, but they don't seem to be stocked in many places here and most of the information I can find about those is quite old.

I'm very happy with my Aspire tanks and I'm planning to keep those for my main vaping (I'm still waiting for my order of an additional Triton to arrive!) - but wondered if anyone here has a recommendation for testing juices?

Or do Aspire have anything in development that could meet this request? ;)
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  • At this time, Aspire does not have a rebuildable standalone RBA, just the RTA system for the Triton tank. Most if not all of the RBA's on the market are made to be rebuildable. There are many variations that can be had for different vapers. My best suggestion is to get to your local B&M and let them know of your situation and see what they can get you set up with. From my experience once you have the coil built on a typical RBA, you can test juices without having to change the coil itself, just the wicking cotton. Between different juices, remove the old wicking....clean out the RBA with a paper towel to absorb the excess juice, then do a dry burn of the coil for a few seconds to burn off the rest of the remaining juice. Now you can re-wick the coil and try another juice.
    If you have never rebuilt a coil for an RBA it's best to have someone at a B&M set the whole thing up for you and you can go from there. Good luck!
  • I think that due to the way ecigs work all juices will be evaporated from the coil and thus the flavor along with them. The caveat to this is when vaping a "sweet" juice the juice may caramelize and that could leave some of the flavor behind. Or perhaps even a caramelized flavor.
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    Thanks for your responses @NoSmoking and @charlzrocks

    I've done quite a lot of reading about it and watched a few videos, but I'm not so interested in rebuilding (yet) but just wanted something for testing juice without filling a tank. I'm very happy with my Aspire tanks and just want to test flavours before filling a tank =)

    I saw some information on 510 threaded bridgeless atomisers but couldn't really find many sources.

    So I popped in to my local B&M after work and they gave me an atomiser - I don't even know what its called! They don't sell them, they just had them for their own testing. I even got some cotton wicking and they wouldn't take any money for any of it :D
    I have spent a bit on juice with them though!
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  • @Viruk Wow, great shop to give you that RDA. :)
  • They want to see my Pegasus too - but I don't know when its going to arrive!
  • You got what you needed. A really, really inexpensive RDA. Which is absolutely perfect for what you want to do.

    I've been noticing more and more B&M shops no longer having pre-filled flavor testers available. They either expect you to have a RDA on you, or some have a "house" RDA.

    Just carry some cotton with you. When you want to change flavor, take out the old cotton wick, dry burn the coil to clear the old flavor, then put some new cotton in, wet and hit. A coil for this will last you quite awhile. And a making new single wrap coil is REALLY, REALLY easy. I swear my dead grandmother could make one.
  • @Guz My local B&M has a section with a couple of ego batteries and a whole load of clearomizers filled with their juices. They have a load of drip tips that they wash (one box for clean and one for used) and you literally just help yourself to a clean driptrip and try whatever you like.

    For their cloud chasing juices they have mainly Atlantis tanks, but those are handed out on request.

    Its a shame they don't have more very cheap RDA options - I was just lucky enough that they gave me one of their own. The cheapest RDA they were selling was £25 but some went up beyond £75 - not quite the cheap RDA I was looking for (yet!)

  • @Viruk I didn't mean all B&M shops. But I have been noticing some of my local shops are slowly getting rid of their tasters.

    One of these days I'm just sit down and spin a simple RDA on my lathe.
  • @Guz It didn't happen slowly here. Overnight vaping was banned wherever there was a smoking ban. Since a vape shop is considered a workplace you know what happened. There is only one local vape shop I know of where you can 'try before you buy.' They invite you to step outside to do so.
  • Unfortunately that little dripper got blown by the Pegasus before it stepped down the wattage in its calibration phase :(

    I did pick up one of these though :)
  • They make pre built coils in different ohms all you have to do is screw them in and put in some cotton and juice it up and go.
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