Defective Authentic Nautilus Atomizers and Tanks

I have been a very supportive and loyal Aspire customer for 1 year now. Lately I am
disappointed with Aspire. Purchased 2 Nautilus 5-packs 1.8 Ohm of replacement atomizers for my Nautilus and Nautilus mini. Out of the 10 total coils, 4 of them defective and unusable. After initial soaking with 50/50 e-liquid for 20 minutes coils did not work. Coils would sizzle and burn hot using your CF 14.8mm 900mAh battery and also istick mini both set at 3.5-3.8 volts. Afraid of health hazard and fire inhaling burning cotton. I threw coils in garbage.
Also noticed chimney on Nautilus Mini is not round where threads of coil screw in. It looks like it has a damage and is bent. I fix it myself with tools, but quality is poor. All have been verified authentic. I buy many, many Nautilus products, tanks accessories from my local stores. I am loyal customer but very disappointed. I am even thinking of switching to KangerTech because I read on internet Nautilus not stainless steel and Kanger Aero V2 is better. I spend a lot of money for Aspire and buy parts from your Aspire website. I am writing for your help please. Thank you,
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  • Same issue here. The last few packs of 1.8 coils I've bought seem to do ok and then, all of a sudden they burn up bad. I've been vaping with a Nautilus/Nautilus Mini for a long time now, and I never had problems with burnt coils until recently.
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    Update: I just tried another new Nautilus 1.8 coil last night. Same problem. That makes 5 brand new defective coils from 2 different packs that have no taste or burnt taste or are sizzling noises and very hot. What a waste of money!!! I'm ready to throw out all 5 of my Nautilus tanks in the garbage. Anyone know of a better alternative?
  • Between my wife and I we have six Nautilus Minis. Two of them have the optional replacement tanks with the hollowed out sleeves. We've gone though several packs of atomizers. None of the tanks or atomizers were defective.

    The problem you are having with the coils may be due to the bent chimney on your tank, or they may not be making contact with the connector in the bottom hardware. Did the spring fall out?
  • Thanks for your reply Old Salt. Actually I've had almost no problems with any Nautilus atomizers until recently. Its seems the last few packs of atomizers used in any of my tanks have mostly been duds, burnt chaulky taste, no taste, sizzling, hot with no clouds. The Nautilus mini chiminy was slightly out of round but I fixed that. It makes proper contact with the coil and the threads are good. I have this atomizer problem with all 5 of my Nautilus tanks. The coils are bad.
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