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How do I empty unwanted liquid out of the tank of my e-cig? I want to replace it with another flavour but can't see how to empty it.
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  • What model tank do you have?
  • @JBlue The best way to empty most Aspire Tanks is with a 5ml Laura Locke strange with a 1.5 or 2-inch blunt needle. That way you can save every last bit of your E-Liquid. It might be a little extra work on some Tanks but that way your able to put it directly back in the bottle with the remaining E-Juice flavor. It will come in handy for changing flavors, emptying tank for cleaning or in some cases temporarily draining & refilling when switching coils or rebuilding an RTA Head.
  • @AspirLurker Thanks... Hmm it seems that the auto correct spelling feature on my tablet changed what I was typing (correct, it was supposed to be Luer-Lock Syringe). Those prices are a little stiff for Syringes & Needles ($2.99 for 3ML & $3.99 for 10ML Syringes without needles or even blunt needles included. Then they want $3 - $4 for single blunt needles, so for 1 syringe with a blunt needle would cost on average $8 each), for adding to my DIY supplies. I personally go to my local Pharmacy or chain Drug Store (WalGreens, CVS, ect.). My local Rx store is owned by "The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy" and for B-D 3ML Luer-Lock Syringe with 22Gauge an 2" Needle cost me $0.15 each. Then on the B-D 5ML & 10ML Luer-Lock Syringes with a 18Gauge an 3" Needle cost me $0.20 each.

    So anyone looking for B-D Luer-Lock Syringes, I would recommend going to your local Pharmacy or Drug Store. If you purchase them online, from a non Pharmacy related website make sure you don't over pay. I just purchased some backups to add to my DIY Supplies, and paid a total of $2.00. This was for a Qty of 5: B-D 5ML Luer-Lock Syringes & a Qty of 5: B-D 10ML Luer-Lock Syringes. So a total of 10 B-D Luer-Lock Syringes with needles and caps for $2.00 and no shipping fee, makes me a happy person. I don't know why the markup percentage is so high online, thinking of selling some on eBay if that's the going price. :D B-)
  • Good one south. :-bd
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