1.8 ohm Coil Markings

Hello, the 1.8 ohm BVC for Nautilus has two different markings. The 5-packs I purchase online from several different authorized sellers are marked "4.2-5.0V". The coils with this marking work wonderfully and taste amazing (when they work, which is another story for another post). However, the other day I went to a local B&M to buy two single 1.8 ohm BVC for Nautilus and these were marked "3.3-6V". These two coils were TERRIBLE. They tasted just awful and made lots of noise. I didn't use either one of them longer than 20 minutes each because they were that bad. I texted the owner and told him I think I bought fake coils because the markings are different, and he texted back a picture holding up the pack of coils I bought the 2 from along with a picture of the Aspire site saying "the product you bought is genuine". Now I want to know, which one is real? I know you wouldn't put out coils with different marks.
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  • Do I really need to upload a picture ... ?

    Yes ! Do that ! A picture of both versions next to each other, I'm curious ! Thanks !

  • @IndigoVaporLOVER good luck finding your answer - I'm out
  • Awaiting your picture then, no rush ...
  • I would also like to look at the pictures in question for comparison. I'm also wondering if both of the Coils have the Aspire logo/name on them. It should also have the same Aspire Logo that Viruk to the time to upload. Both of the Coils having an identical Aspire marking. I'll come back later to see if the OPs has uploaded the pictures..
  • I believe they changed the coils, possibly more than once and they seem to have different ratings on the different types of coil. I know there was some discussion about the wicking material - there are some forum posts about it but I can't find the link at the minute.
  • I'm sure there was a thread about nautilus coils, but there's one about the Atlantis here https://forums.aspirecig.com/discussion/comment/34373/#Comment_34373

    It may be that the coils you bought were some older stock, but maybe @Tina could clarify the situation with the Nautilus coils?
  • I have also found some information online referring to the higher V range you mention - but it seemed to be older stock/information. I was thinking maybe the voltage recommendation changed with the material?

    I am just guessing at this point though - sorry I can't give you a more certain answer
  • Thank you, but that's not what I'm asking.
  • I believe they have had 3.3 - 6v on their coils.

    See the picture on the following page: http://vapingcheap.com/cheap-aspire-nautilus-coil-heads/

    The attached picture is a snip of that image.

    Like I said - I'm guessing - but I suspect this was before the coil material was changed.

    @Tina can probably clarify things for you though
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  • Ok, it's going to be later in the day because I am now away from home. I will return...but in the meantime, just picture the exact same coil (only other difference is the threading in the chimney end seems to have 1 less row of threading) with those volt requirements on it. Oh, and the coloring on the suspect one (3.3V) has a yellow stainage to the markings whereas the other one stays silver (used in same exact juice for same length of time).
  • I was also curious about the picture, but suspected for a little while it may not be forthcoming :(
  • Yes,we changed the suggested voltage on the nautilus 1.8 ohms coils from 3.3-6.0V to 4.2V-5.0V. last year.
  • @Tina thanks for clarifying - I was reasonably confident that was the case from what I could find online :)

    I even got a dislike from the original poster for that answer :(
  • No, this question is not about the old ceramic material vs the new cotton. These are the larger hole cotton. The ceramic wasn't even around anymore once I started using my Nautilus Mini. Thank you anyway. I want to know if they have ever printed "3.3-6V" on any of their 1.8ohm cotton (larger hole) Nautilus BVC's. Like I said, every single 5-pack I order says "4.2-5.0V" on the coils (1.8ohm).
  • I want to know if the COTTON BVC's with larger wick holes have EVER been marked "3.3-6V" on the 1.8 ohm size.
  • Don't you think if I saw the two different markings and I went to all this trouble to both register and post my question that I would have checked if the hole size was smaller on the oddly marked one? When you refer to the older material you are referring to the ceramic, which had smaller holes. If you don't know the answer, please allow Aspire to answer. Not being mean, just getting frustrated with all the babble on these forums.
  • And if you look on that link/picture you posted you can CLEARLY see the SMALL holes when it's marked "3.3-6V". Do I really need to upload a picture or can't anyone understand me? I have two coils. Both have larger new holes. There is no difference between them besides the voltage markings and the shit performance. If Aspire has ever made the NEW COTTON NAUTILUS BVC's with that marking, I want to know. But I think it's a copycat and whomever is making them didn't realize Aspire changed the voltage rec. when they changed to cotton.
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