Triton Leak fix possibility!!

  • Iam sorry but your just a waste of time.
  • @Joel360 I often find that punctuation and spelling give one an insight on intelligence.

    I suppose you could call it "complaining" I would prefer "constructive criticism" as the intention is to find others with the same problems and to seek any possible simple solution without the hassle of returning goods half way around the globe - and by the way my car dealer is only 10 miles down the road, so if your going to use an analogy then use a comparable one maybe?

    I am sure we are all very pleased that you and your "friends" are not experiencing the problems that many others are - you have now repeatedly informed of this fact. So just in case you're not sure we don't need you to keep repeating it parrot fashion - we got it thanks.
  • Oh, I thought he was talking to me?
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    Ironically, this tank just leaked on me again yesterday. This time it was from the top, which is strange. I only had the bottom one before.

    Thanks to everyone who's trying to fix this, but I think it's time we throw in the towel. Aspire certainly doesn't care, and now we've even gotten to the non-believer's stage on here....I'm just at a loss.

    I will personally be going out of my way to remind everyone that I come across about this saga when their name comes up. I never understood all of the Aspire haters out there until this happened. Now I totally get it.

    The super cool guy up top is right about one thing, if we don't like it, we shouldn't support them going forward. I've given them quite literally thousands of dollars buying for myself and other people over the years, and they won't be getting another dime from me. It's the best we can do.
  • @Old_Salt I think I understand what you are saying and I agree that there have been numerous instances where new users have pointedly raised concerns regarding issues they could have easily understood or fixed with a little more research. Also, those you try and help sometimes never respond or post again so you don't know if your help was successful or not.

    As I have said previously I was, and I am still struggling to be, a fan - Nautilus is my favourite device ever, even though when the new coils suddenly appeared that caused major problems, which I, and a lot of other people, managed to "work around" - my main concern is Aspire support refused to recognise the problem?

    You could be right with the "every device made" as not many things are perfect but there are of course wildly varying degrees of "imperfection" and lack of quality control.

    I won't go over the problems myself, and a growing number of other people, perceive the Triton / Pegasus to have - which have been aired elsewhere, except to say, as an example, I have 2 Tritons one of which has a missing O-ring as well as an incorrect O-ring in a different location and the other appears to be complete (untested or used at the moment). As the missing item is a special shape it is not possible to rummage in the vape spares box to find one - and as Aspire will NOT answer my, now multiple support requests over this and the Pegasus then, sorry, but I feel I have every right to be a little peeved and to vehemently agree with others in the same position.

    Again, as you are no doubt aware, I am very pleased that many other users have not experienced these problems but it can add "insult to injury" when some repeatedly keep posting "mines fine" as a response - it's not helpful, it does not offer a solution and is pretty pointless after the first time?
  • @Old_Salt I just noticed your post in another thread saying you would "swap your sub-tank mini for a Triton in a heartbeat" - I totally agree with you there as I hated mine and passed it on pretty quickly having had several attempts with the pre-built coils and RBA but it was just not suitable for my style of vaping I guess and kept spitting at me to show its contempt!
  • @woodbar I haven't had a problem with mine.
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