I believe I've been sold a fake device but wanted to ask a question

Has the nautalis mini ever been shipped with a 1.6ohm coil? The coil that came in mine has absolutely no writing on it and the extra one in the packaging is 1.6ohm.
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  • Did you check the code under the scratch panel on the packaging?

    I don't know about the nautilus mini, but I have 2 nautilus tanks (BVC edition) and they both came with a 1.6 ohm coil pre-installed and a spare 1.8 ohm coil. There was writing on all the coils indicating resistance and recommended wattage.
  • @Viruk is correct and you may have a fake. All Aspire coils have ohm rating stamped on them!
  • I didn't want to "jump the gun" and imply it was a fake - but its something worth double checking :)
  • I checked the code and it's been searched 3700 times.... dang.
  • Did you get it from a physical shop? Or online?

    If you got it from a shop then I'd head back down there and demand your money back...

    Good luck anyway :)
  • When you check the security code on aspire website , and the checker says it has been checked or the security code you searched does not exist ,that means you may got the fake product. as you should be the first to check the security code if it is original . :-?
  • you can tell a fake by the hologram logo it's brighter and more visible , I was sold the Atlantis tank from my local shop , it was fake my Triton that I got from myvaporstore was Authentic and you can tell by the quality of the tank & packaging
  • @myvapename hopefully you get your money back. Good luck.
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