need help!!

Just ordered atlantis v2, and as I'm new to sub ohming I have a question.

.5 coils (proper aspire ones anyway) seem pretty hard to come by! Can I use 25-30 watts (aspire 30watt box mod) on a 1.0 coil, without compromising taste/vapor production. I only ask because the recommended level is 40+.

Please help!! I'm getting confused.
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  • @Viruk I had no idea about the new Pegasus mod, to go on sale this month, apparently! It looks really good, and has the power needed. I wish I had done a little more research now. However, when I visited various forums, no-one was talking about it. I shall keep my eye out for reviews before I buy one though.

    Knowledge is power! Keep on reading, Viruk!!
  • I'm not sure what the 1ohm are rated at - it will say on the coil itself and I believe on the box for the Atlantis coils. Stick within those limits and you'll be fine.

    According to the Aspire site the ratings for those coils are as follows:

    So you really need 40-50 watts on your mod, or find the 0.5 ohm coils to use with your 25-30 watt mod

    You can always order from the Aspire online store at the above link if you have a hard time finding the 0.5 ohm coils
  • @Viruk Thank you so much for your help, it's greatly appreciated. As a newb to sub ohming, it can be somewhat confusing trying to decipher the plethora of information available.

    On a side note, it does seem a rather silly mistake by Aspire, to market a box mod that isn't capable of running all their sub ohm coils. I was originally going to buy the istick 50watt, however, I do like the quality of Aspire, but I am a little annoyed.

    Thanks again!
  • @bloodguard you're welcome - I've learned a lot from people on this form in the short time I've been using it - its nice to try to answer someone else's question.

    I'm not sure of the chronology of release dates for the Aspire 30w mod and the Atlantis tanks, but I think the CF mod and CF Sub ohm were released for the Atlantis tanks and they pair well. The CF Maxx is a good pair with the Atlantis Mega; but I think the Pegasus is going to be a really nice mod moving forward
  • @bloodguard I've just seen your message on my "wall" but I'm not sure about the notifications from that, so I'm guessing you'll see the response here :)

    I am also in the UK, shipping direct from Aspire isn't so bad - especially if you buy a few items you need at the same time. If that's too much and you only want a small order then there are some reputable traders in the UK you can use. You can switch the cost to £ when shipping direct from Aspire - it just defaults to $. Just hover over the "setting" and choose your currency - see attached picture.

    I believe is an official Aspire retailer - they have 0.5 ohm coils in stock right now. I believe you have to spend £20 or more to get free postage from them. I have used ukecigstore before with no problems.

    Having just checked, yes it is... you can see a list of options here: is also on there. I've used them for liquid but not for hardware (although a friend has used them for hardware too) - but again its a reputable company in my experience and is listed as an official Aspire partner. They don't currently have 0.5 ohm coils in stock but they are worth keeping an eye on.

    There are other options both listed as Aspire partners (I haven't tried any others yet, so can't comment on my own experience), or most physical stores will have aspire gear. Just remember to do that scratch and check thing to ensure they are genuine.

    Good luck finding the coils you need - hopefully there are enough options to get your sorted without too much trouble (or waiting!) :)
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  • @Viruk You're an absolute diamond!! Thanks for going to all the trouble, I cannot express my gratitude enough.

    I have placed an order at ecig uk, as you say, they do have the .5 coils. Now I know you can change to pounds, I'll probably give Aspire direct a go to.

    Once again, many, many thanks!!
  • @bloodguard you're very welcome - no problem at all :)

    I spent hours reading around trying to decide what to buy and where to buy it from - I've set all that out for a few friends recently too so its all fresh in mind - glad someone else can get some benefit from the hours of reading I've done :D
  • @bloodguard there is so much personal preference its hard to say with regard to nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio. The best thing to do is buy small bottles (where possible) and get an idea of what works for you. Or go to a store and try some juices before purchasing to get an idea what you like.
    One brand of juice I've tried and enjoyed for sub ohm vaping is but that only comes in 50ml so it may be more juice than you want to gamble on without testing it first. I tried in a shop before I bought, but I like the Rainbow Kick and Blackcurrant Frost flavours - that may be completely at odds with your tastes but they worked for me.
    Those are good for sub ohm tanks as they are 20/80 PG/VG.

    Again - this wont be the case for everyone, but I found at least 50% VG and 3mg nicotine was better for me when sub ohm vaping - but my next answer will also apply here....

    In answer to your question reducing nicotine strength, you can buy some more of the same flavour juice in lower nicotine and mix them. Buying some nicotine free and mixing it 50/50 with the juice that's too strong will halve the level. You could also apply this trick with juices you buy for sub ohming if you find 3mg is too low or 6mg is too high. I'd say the most important thing is to find a flavour you like and won't mind buying more of to balance the nicotine level in case it needs adjusting :)
  • @Joel360 Thanks for that! You are spot-on. I'm using it now, and it's very good.
  • I got my order in for a Pegasus (as did a couple of friends I recommended it to!) so I will be updating my thoughts on here about that when it arrives :)
  • @Viruk That's good to hear! I look forward to your opinion on it! :-))
  • @Viruk Hello, me old china! It's me again.

    Theres been a mix up at amazon, on my order. Which means I'll be receiving my esp 30w some considerable time BEFORE (annoying) my AV2 tank. Quick question (hope I'm not becoming tiresome) will the esp 30w work ok with my nautilus mini?
  • yes - but as I'm not familiar with that device I'm not sure if you can set it in voltage mode which is preferred for the nautilus.

    If you can set voltage go for an upper limit of about 4.2V on a 1.6 ohm coil (according to the version of the coils I have - check on your coil for the preferred rating as some of the different versions of coils seem to have some different ratings - just go with whatever is listed on your coil). If its only wattage mode it will be about 10-11 Watts (assuming the above 4.2V on a 1.6 ohm coil) - you can calculate what the voltage would give you in watts using the following online calculator:

    Make sure you set the resistance (1.6 or 1.8 I guess for Nautilus coils) and set the recommended voltage then it will show you the wattage (and Amperage), you can set wattage appropriately then :)

    Good luck
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    oh @bloodguard you're not becoming tiresome - this forum is for members to help each other out!

    Keep asking away - I'll answer if I can :)
  • @Viruk You must be a bit sick of hearing this, but, thanks again!! :-)) Wow! Talk about quick service, if only Amazon were as quick and efficient as you!?
  • i'm just messing about while watching the international - don't try to hold me to an SLA ;)
  • Service Level Agreement :P
  • @Viruk Haha! My highly expensive lawyers are working on a lawsuit, as we speak.
  • Just had a (only happens now and again) thought! I'm currenly using the aspire cf vv battery, which goes up to 4.8, so setting the mod to that level shouldn't be a problem!?
  • @bloodguard Sorry, it will be around 15watts.
  • That should be great for a nautilus mini - I'd certainly hope so with this package being sold

    A couple of friends bought that package and its a great combination :)
  • @Viruk That's the one I'm currently using, and it is excellent. I'm just looking for a little more....ooomph, taste etc!
  • @bloodguard The Atlantis should hit that spot if you're ready for lung hitting :)
  • Sorry for interfering ;)

    The CF VV is good enough for the Nautilus of course (although I never used the CF VV) .
    The ESP 30W will be awesome at +/- 27Watts for the Atlantis but you can use it for the Nautilus as well, at +/- 12 Watts (used all 3 of them).
    The Atlantis needs a direct inhale that may surprise you a bit.

    I think this summarizes it (for the moment) ;)
  • As your attorney I advise you to slow down , I can not keep up! :-B
  • @Cegoca Thanks for that! My intention is to reduce my nicotine level from (currently) 10mg to 6.
  • Charlzrocks.

    As your client, it's nice to see you earning your bloody high fee for once!! Bloody lawyers! Human vultures. Haha :-))
  • @bloodguard I didn't really mention anything about nicotine level - but you should definitely reduce your nicotine quite a bit for a sub ohm tank.

    I use 6-12mg for mouth to lung in the nautilus, but I use 3mg (and much higher VG) in the triton for sub ohm vaping. I'd recommend halving your usual nicotine level if you're just trying sub ohming as you will go through much more juice and probably get the same (if not more) nicotine when you change the style of vaping
  • @Viruk My plan was to reduce it to 6mg! Hower, I shall take your advice and cut it to 3mg. There's always a question of VG/PG ratios. Which is better, etc? My plan (there's that word again) is to go 70/30 in favour of VG. What do you think? I'm open to suggestions at this juncture.
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