To those having the Triton Leaking Issue

I can understand that the leaking issue is frustrating. Before getting irate about it and to better understand where the issue really lies, here is a few suggestions I can offer.

1. A little bit of what looks like e-liquid is normal in the bottom assembly. This is a common condensation point for all tanks on the market and must be cleaned regularly. Any point that air can enter into the path of vapor, condensation will occur. This includes the top fill, drip tip, air flow controller, the bottom assembly under the coil, and the holes for the air flow control.
2. If you are thinking that you are having a leaking issue, make sure that the O-Ring is in its proper place above the threading on the coil. If it is not, due to the design of the Triton coating the outside of the coil, you may experience leaking.
3. Try to use an Atlantis coil with the Triton. At the moment, these are not experiencing the leaking issues from people I have talked to. I hate to mention this on here because it is not an Aspire product and is not supported for use in the Triton, but the coils for the Herakles tank do fit the Triton and I have not herd of anyone that has used one, including myself, have any leaking issues with those coils. If you do use one of mentioned coils in your Triton and the leaking issue has stopped, then you know it was a coil issue and not a tank issue. This is would be good information to let Aspire know when trying to get support.
4. Make sure that you do not drip juice down the metal chimney when trying to fill it. If your coil is already saturated and you do drip juice down the chimney, the excess can leak out of the bottom of the coil.

Hopefully these suggestions can help you to solve your problems with leaking and help you to get the support that you are needing.
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  • Very good advice. I would just add that you do not need to line up the cotton wicks with the holes in the tank. I did that on the first day, and my Triton leaked from the bottom. When properly tightened, the holes will not align. But this is not an issue, since the tank is designed to still wick no matter what position the coil is in. My Triton has not leaked a drop since that first day. :)
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