A quick shout out to the Aspire team :)

Hello, I want to start this out by sending my deepest thanks to the team at Aspire. I was a smoker for 12 years (1-1.5 packs a day) and have now been cigarette free for 2 months and four days :) I am a terrible procrastinator and put off trying to quit for many years but finally decided to give it a genuine shot. A co-worker of mine recommended the Aspire brand (he uses a Nautilus) and so I purchased a Nautilus mini for myself. It was tough for about the first week but after that the cravings for cigarettes went away and now I enjoy vaping so much more.
I have been enjoying the mouth-to-lung vaping but then studied up on sub-ohm vaping and it seemed quite appealing to me so I purchased a Triton just the other day and have nothing but great things to say about it. It truly is a stellar device that I have enjoyed immensely so far. The top fill design is excellent (even though the Nautilus Mini was simple enough) and the flavor/vapor production has been stellar for me.
Again, I just want to say thanks again to everybody at Aspire for making wonderful products and for helping me to quit smoking after 12 years..you guys rock! I cannot wait to support your brand in the future, especially with my plans to purchase the Pegasus mod as soon as it is available. Peace out!
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