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I know the coils are interchangeable. I own 2 V1's and a V2. I love the V2 coils and run them in all 3 of my Atlantis tanks. My question is -- Are the Triton coils about the same or far better than the Atlantis V2 coils? I'm not sure I will buy the Triton, but if the coils are even better than what I have been using then I will definitely be looking to acquire them and switch all my Atlantis tanks over. Thanks for any and all input!
Which coils do you prefer?
  1. Which coils are the best?7 votes
    1. Atlantis V1
    2. Atlantis V2
    3. Triton
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  • Stick with A2 coils the 0.4 triton are rubbish and 2 have blow up on me at 30 watts
  • I haven't tried an atlantis coil yet so can't say which is better; I can say that I've been using the Triton 0.4 ohm coil with 20/80 juice (PG/VG) for just over 3 weeks without a problem and its still performing well.
  • I have also been using the Triton for a bit over a week and have used only the 0.4 ohm coil and it has worked great. I have used two different max VG juices at 40 watts and the coils have kept up quite well
  • @madd_hatt3r here is the suggestion for your reference.I don't like direct to lung vaping style.
    I like mouth to lung vaping style.So would you please give a option for nautilus or nautilus mini tank?
    Then these who like mouth to lung vaping style can give their polls.
    I gave my poll to triton tank.
    I like the 1.8 ohm coil ,it is for mouth to lung vaping style.
    I also like the top filling system,it is more convenience than my nautilus mini.

    Hurry up
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